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Thread: 10 fast fingers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psilo View Post
    My first attempt (adrenaline caused a lot of mistakes) was 89. My goal was 100, took about 5 tries, kept getting better. WOOT!

    Visit the Typing Test and try!
    Yeah, mistakes are pretty easy to make on these, it's different for random words and for actual sentences too. I get very shaky, even though I've been typing regularly for the last 16 years.

    Worst part is that it's only a minute. I actually do worse when the time is shorter. Conversely, I get bored easily too and start slowing down on these. In a real paragraph it's a bit easier.

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    120 in my native language
    105 in English

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    Currently my best is 75 correct words in one min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fernand View Post
    Well official all-times record is 150 WPM*over 50 minutes by Barbara Blackburn: do you really beat her?
    Reckful did more on his stream.

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    Words per minute (WPM) 47
    Keystrokes 248
    (234 | 14)
    Correct words 44
    Wrong words 3
    You are better than 63.66% of all users (position 26705 of 73496 - last 24 hours)

    forgot to press space once and messed everything up.

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    Stood in the Fire ODDLAWL's Avatar
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    WPM: 92
    Keystrokes: 469
    Correct words: 87
    Wrong words: 2
    You are better than 94.49% of all users (position 4054 of 73526 - last 24 hours)
    Man I wonder how fast #1 is typing!

    I went full retard with those two words, they were easy D: It could probably be better on a desktop, currently on laptop.
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    98 wpm.
    491 chars in 1:00 min.
    Accuracy 96%.

    Broadcast captioners (captions on TV) can write +250 wpm on a steno machine, and I bet gamers would excel in that field. It's typing with syllables instead of individual letters if that makes sense. Mark Kislingbury holds the Guinness record at 360 wpm.

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    Not my best. I think I can do better but my hands are tried after hours of Starcraft today

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    Helsinki, Finland
    95 wpm is my best on english. English is not my mother tongue but I write it a bit faster than swedish (one of my mother tongues) and very much faster than finnish (my other mother tongue). I get like 50 wpm when writing finnish mostly because the keyboard doesn't suit the finnish language at all.

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    Words per minute (WPM): 61
    Keystrokes: 331
    Correct words: 57
    Wrong words: 5
    You are better than 76.23% of all users (position 14793 of 62226 - last 24 hours)

    My first try, not a native speaker (Norwegian :P)... not that bad i gues?

    (Edit: typo -.-)
    (Edit 2: I just realised this is an "old" thread and i have actually done it before and voted... But last time i had 50 WPM, so i gues i have improved hehe)
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    Words per minute (WPM) 92
    Keystrokes 466
    (458 | 8)
    Correct words 85
    Wrong words 3
    You are better than 93.96% of all users (position 3570 of 59152 - last 24 hours)

    This result really surprised me, I feel like I normally type much slower

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    Words per minute (WPM) 82
    Keystrokes 415
    (410 | 5)
    Correct words 79
    Wrong words 1

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    Words per minute (WPM) 62
    Keystrokes 310
    (310 | 0)
    Correct words 59
    Wrong words 0

    but i just woke up and got cold hands, will go faster after a few rounds of starcraft xD

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    Thame, UK
    78 WPM in English and 111 in German

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    Been doing these for a while, highest ever was 144.

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    8 fingers and 2 thumbs or 10 fingers ?
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    This is my third try a little better than my first. I voted too early I guess I put around 65-80 but a lot of those words were super short. Anyway, I don't really know if gaming can be attributed to faster typing (although it would make sense). I've met some molasses like typers in WoW and other MMOs. For me it wasn't gaming but rather the fact that my computer teacher in middle-school would put his homemade cardboard covers over our keyboards and make us type the whole 45 minutes like that so I don't have to look down at mine anymore. I used to hate him for it but now he's a hero to me...saved me so much time on school papers.

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    I managed about 65 WPM. Coulda done better if it wasn't as cold in here (I'll try again later when it's not as cold)

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    it's sad that people here lie about this, just say the damn truth, no one really cares

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    'Murrica, of course.
    Here it is.

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