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    do it like me... write down all letters on a sheet of paper then a square on another one and pretend you can effort a laptop... got me through my studies without too much hassle... technology makes you lazy and easy to distract why you should pay attention. funny enough there is a laptop advertisment beneath this post for me, thats my choice for u then so i won't get infracted :O

    to the mod: little bit of fun not allowed? also there where some useful post in here too much to choose from only confuses people.
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    I just picked up a HP dm1z for going back to school. The final price for me with a 2 year no questions asked warrenty was $525. It sports the AMD processor which is much more powerful than the Intel Atom currently offered in most netbooks. The machine is very lightweight and sports a fantastic battery. I got about 10 hours of lifetime on the battery while doing some simple webbrowsing and having netflix streaming.

    The characteristics I was looking for when purchasing a PC were:
    Battery Life
    Minimal CPU bottleneck
    Decent Memory
    Enough Video capabilities for minimal gaming and Movie watching

    This machine is powerful enough to run most of my program for my engineering courses.

    Originally I was thinking of purchasing an Ipad II then using the various office apps for word processing and other spreadsheets/presentations, but what I found while borrowing a friends for a couple of days was that even though there were some rather cool features, it still was much more time consuming to try to work on the tablet over a PC. I was using a bluetooth keyboard/mouse while testing this out. The other concern I had was with storage space, and some weariness of having to save everything eternally.

    I also explored the option of an Android tablet instead but found that they lacked the quality of apps that Apple could offer despite some other benefits with storage.

    TLR Version:

    After pondering over Tablet verse Laptop verse Netbook I decided to go with the HP dm1z for the sheer power of the AMD CPU, great battery life compared to many similarly priced models, and the affordability.

    GL with your computer hunting.

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    Therefore I come to my logical conclusion that a Tablet would be better suited for the requirements.
    (feedback on how close or far off I am from the OP would awesome ;-)
    Having tried this route with simple classwork (not talking design projects but research papers mostly) I would not recommend using a Tablet as your main source of Computing for schoolwork. It is rather annoying and difficult when needing to constantly be switching between online sources, regardless of using an Apple or Android based product. Especially when you have fifteen+ web pages open for various citations the systems bog down considerably.
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    to the mod: little bit of fun not allowed?
    You are allowed to have as much fun as you want, just keep it civil and within the rules and guidelines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinni View Post
    Are you actually insane?! a non-gaming laptop for $800 USD? assuming we go by the 1:1 ratio (GBP:USD) Because stuff in the US is cheaper anyway, I can easily pick up a suitable laptop for £200. ($200 USD) And that's without shopping around to see what else might be better + cheaper.
    Laptop + port replicator + laptop bag/backpack + Office student edition = All the bells and whistles = Something you can get for about $800

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