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    Need help to put a build together

    Hey guys,

    Recently got a small tax rebate and im looking to use the unexpected cash to invest in a small build which will last me a little at least currently at uni so it needs to last at least 1-2 years with minimal upgrades.

    Typical game play will be rift/wow/swotr/gw2 nothing extremely high end, and i am happy to run most games on med-high at min with no shadows.

    Must have - HDD (500 roughly pref), GFX, preferably i5 for overclocking, Case, plenty of cooling, 8gb of ram, decent PSU and mobo that suits all the parts and overclocking potential.

    Have - optical drive, 17" monitor mouse/keyboard

    Preferred sites for parts:


    will consider any sites that are recommended just i have dealt with those 3 regularly so am happy to use them again.

    Looking for something in the region of £500-600 (GBP) or as close as possible (yes i realize it may be a bit low but get as close to what i am after within the budget please) I have build a computer before a few years back but it's been a while and i have no clue on what components are considered the best.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Novatech is going to have a really great deal on for one of their top laptops in 2 days if that would interest you....


    Given the price of harddrives now, your going to have a hard time sticking to that budget without cheaping out on other components too.

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    Might be worth checking the build cost vs one of their pre-builts (if you go with Novatech, call them, talk to a supervisor (Matt Raven would probably be best) and ask them to swap the Mobo for a P67 or Z68
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