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    Building a new PC.... Help!! :D

    So I'm trying to put together a new gaming PC to finally play WoW with the best graphics possible and I was wondering if u guys could help me out...

    I don't necessarily need to best most expensive parts there are so could you guys tell me good not so expensive parts plz.... I'm building it from scratch so I need everything

    Thanks in advance.....

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    First thing we need is budget. Not so expensive to some may be quite expensive to others.

    Budget please

    Typically, people will suggest 2500k, 8 GB ram, 560Ti, HDD (Spinpoint), socket 1155 mobo (p/z) etc...
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    2k is quite a bit to be spending on a computer for just WoW.

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    You can build a pc that maxes wow on a 1k budget. A 2k budget will give you a really high end rig that can max anything.
    Check out some of the Marest sample builds in the sticky... see what you like and post something here for recommendations/feedback.
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