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    I'm in the full beta, but my husband isn't. He got the weekend invite for this weekend, and he is supposed to go out of town to hunt with his father - he's been excited to go hunting for the past few months. So, now he is going to call in sick to his dad so we can play in beta together lol

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    I have dropped out of law school and decided to make a career in gaming. Too many good games coming out right now to do anything else

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtron View Post
    stupid university getting in the way of my gaming life.
    Totally, it's like these games are released to stop me from doing schoolwork. Can't believe my education has to take a backseat for all these... sorry couldn't be serious reading some of these. MW3 and BF3 seemed like a joke from what I heard

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    Focus on school. The games will still be there when your done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtron View Post
    Just got beta! Skyrim tomorrow and in the middle of addicting Battlefield, university work has no hope
    Bought MW3 yesterday, Skyrim today and am currently enjoying the hell out of WoW again... :/
    We don't even have a choice. We are born with a killer instinct that you can not just turn off and on.
    We have to be right in the middle of the action because we are the warriors.
    And without some challenge... some d*mn war to fight... the warrior may as well be dead.

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    Ofc MW3 is a joke. its copy paste job just like every other call of duty just like every november. League of legends,the end of my wow career (quitting after cata, screw the casual grabber MoP is becoming.) and SWTOR. very exciting!.

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