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    I still cant pull 110k like our fire mage can. We send a warlock and our mage up and a boomkin and I do the meteors and our 2 melee do the initates with us helping our respective side. TBH only the first one is a bitch. After that i get a feather and i can snare while running and MS X3 MB and more often then not its dead. I have soloed it but its quite hard. Try to keep archangel up for it for the extra burst. We send 2 up on 10 so we can just do 1 burn phase. People always die on the second hatchling phase I have no clue why.

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    Yes, it's possible, in fact I do it with my SP, I mind spike x3 then mind blast and finally SW: D.
    I've been doing that since 382 ilevel aprox.

    Things that help a lot: 1) grab 1 feather on the first meteor to follow the meteor and continue casting and 2) It really helps that someone slows the meteor but it's not really necesary.

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