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    5.0 = The death of Discipline

    In 5.0 Intellect will no longer directly increase the size of player mana pools. Healers will use Spirit for mana regeneration.


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    You should probably wait for other details before going with the sky is falling mentality.

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    Yes, Blizzard is clearly aiming on killing Discipline in 5.0, wait and see /sarcasm.

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    And the wrist cutting begins.... Why don't you wait and see the other changes before making a fool of yourself with this over dramatic nonsense.
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    Clearly all the info is released, and Disc will be terrible. Oh wait? There's not even an alfa yet? Shoot.

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    How does it mean a certain death for discipline though?

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    ZOMG but without intellect increasing my mana pool I will only have the base mana pool of like 30k mana! My spells cost like 5-7k mana per - so now priests can only cast 6 spells before we go OOM?! Blizzard will clearly leave it like this and tell casters to just learn to play better and then complain when the tanks die because the mana based healers are OOM but the monks are doing just fine rolling through the tank with their combo point based healing while doing competitive damage! Clearly all the casters are just bad players!!

    I mean, I can channel that same part of my brain that wants to jump to the most absurd possible conclusion of any patch note - but you can't honestly believe all of the above right? Disc will still have mana to heal - they'll get 80% mana from spirit or something, or rapture will restore 30% of max mana or something, but they won't break and entirely neglect Disc (or all casters for that matter).
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    the disctinction between holy and disc is going to be gone anyway in 5.0, yes?

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    Silly me,of course your right.

    I forgot, Monk: As a Monk you can heal competitively without ever having to target a friendly player.
    Monks will be similar to how a Discipline Priest can heal or cast Smite.

    Millions of new Monks in game......this is not going to cause guild/raid slot drama at all I'm sure.

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    I am sure there will be another mechanic for giving us mana, or less cost on spells or no mana user will be able to cast for long.

    As for Disc and Holy becoming the same, infact the opposite is happening, there is more definition between them, such as Disco getting there own special shield spell.
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    blizz also said the warriors wont get rage from being hit. so no more prot warriors.
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    Why have dps if every tank does competitive dps?

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    Wow! If they dont put spirit cloth back in then then both healing specs will be buggered then? Lets hope they start making bigger raids....

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    and again, on the monk bandwagon: there's no way to balance a class that does high healing AND high damage. If this is the current design, it will be changed. People are freaking out about it far too much.

    It's going to wind up another 'support-healer-dps' class, of which there are already several in the game. Ret with spiritual healing (is this the right name for that talent branch?) - shadow with vampiric embrace. It's quite obvious what would happen if one class had competitive healing AND competitive dps. You'd have 2 tanks, 2 hpallies, as many monks as possible, and a small reserve of RDPS.

    Don't panic, they might not get everything perfect right off the bat, but blizz aren't hiring THAT caliber of idiots to the design team.

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    I want WotLK disc priests back. Yeah I said that.

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    Another unintelligent complaint thread.

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    Disc are getting or getting access to an extra shield that isn't affected by Weakened Soul, yup so dead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayita View Post
    Clearly all the info is released, and Disc will be terrible. Oh wait? There's not even an alfa yet? Shoot.
    I'm playing Panda beta right now and my disc priest is using a two handed axe, stacking agility, and putting enough hots on people that they don't die. Seems fine to me.
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    No. This is not the kind of forum where you declare a spec dies for an entire expansion based on a part of an answer.

    This thread has been been closed.
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