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    Pointers, help, and advice wanted. (Spriest)

    Okay I honestly hate these threads a lot. However I really am not sure where else to go, and figured I could get a fair bit of help in doing this. I've been playing for a long time and haven't had an issue with a dps spec in a long time. That said lately on my Spriest I'm having quite a few issues. Yes I have read multiple guides, EJ and the like, for help. I know I am doing my rotation right. Wondering if it was just a lack of practice with it I have been toying on dummies and trolls to get used to it and have found little increase, if any at all. I played shadow in wotlk and in tbc and didn't have a issue there. At this point I feel like I'm messing up some part of my gearing (stat balance). I sit consistently around 15-16k dps and I know with my gear I should be doing way more.

    That said I'd be greatly appreciative if you could give me some pointers on my stats. Like I have stated I know I am doing my rotation correctly, using my CD's etc. I understand trolls aren't the best place to judge dps however I know even in trolls I should be doing higher than 15-16k dps. Thank you, here is my armory link:
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    If you've read the guides and want input, a log analysis would probably be far more valuable than an armory analysis. Do you have logs?

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    Spriest just dont do alot of dmg in trolls, cause the fights arent long enough. Most classes have like trinkets and shit that burst a shit load of dmg. Like our hunter beats the shit out of me in raids with 50k dps, while i might make it up to 39k with bloodlust. But at the end of the fight ill end up with 31k and he will be on 29k. It just takes time to balance shit out if you ask me.

    And btw get a darkmoon card: they rock even now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    If you've read the guides and want input, a log analysis would probably be far more valuable than an armory analysis. Do you have logs?
    I know logs are helpful, I've just gotten to the point where I feel like it's a stat balance issue, a result of perhaps a misinterpretation of a post. I appreciate the help.
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    All I see stats wise is you have too much hit. Without 4t12 its not worth capping stick to between 15.5 and 16% hit and intel is your best friend otherwise haste>mast>crit. Make sure you have high uptime on your dots and on empowered shadow and literally try pressing your buttons harder/more spammily. An spriests worst enemy is latency because our "filler" spell, mind flay, does a lot of damage the idea is to keep your dots rolling, mb on cooldown (with 4t12 otherwise mb on CD with at least one orb), and flay flay flay. Are you synching your cooldowns correctly? I.E. pop fiend when your int procs are rolling and right before lust? Are you casting AA with at least 15 seconds left on both VT and DP so you don't need to refresh during AA? Hopefully something I said in here is helpful, but bear in mind that we are an EXTREMELY buff/gear dependent spec so don't fret too much, with your gear level and a lack of good buffs 15-16k is nothing to be too worried about. Keep practicing

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    hi, check haste caps for SP and aim for one with DI or without, depends on your raid comp.. reforge rest to hit to have it around 16% and rest to mastery. change ur trinkets... mirror from valiona or moonwell from mf q works pretty well plus ofc dmc:volcano.. i have 5/7hc and still have my volcano card.. and ur gemmin is totally bad, dont aim for socket bonuses aim just for pure intellect, its king stat! even if u loose 20 int for 30 haste its bad..
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