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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelfie View Post
    Another Pay2Win game, ...yay? No thanks. I prefer $Subscriptions.
    Not pay to win from what the developers have said. If you're going to be spewing nonsense please don't even post.

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    Is this really an MMO though (completely open world, no instances)? Or is it room-based?
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    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grable View Post
    Is this really an MMO though (completely open world, no instances)? Or is it room-based?
    From what I saw it's pretty much a MMO. First area is open world and I was running into people left and right.

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    Whats armor customization like? Will we be able to change something besides color?

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    I also have a Dota 2 key I'd be willing to trade if someone has a Firefall key they aren't using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Champion View Post
    Whats armor customization like? Will we be able to change something besides color?
    right now you can pick from a couple of colors on character creation but nothing in game after that as far as that goes. I think you might find further customization to be part of the Market they will create, since they only want cosmetic stuff to be for sale with things like decals or paint jobs as possibilities. We won't know for sure till they open up the store

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    New patch hit 26.4, wich is fairly big too, (3gb), list of changes below

    New Features

    The Accord have spared no expense in refitting Trans Hub as their central headquarters for the war against the Chosen.
    Trans Hub has been completely revitalized with new buildings, effects, and terrain. A much more fitting home for the Accord.
    New resource veins discovered all over the Coral Forest region. Previous scans may have returned no results, but now the world is ripe for thumping.
    Make friends and keep track of them with the new Friends List (UserVoice)
    Use "/friend " to add players to your friends list and "/unfriend " to remove them.
    You can also access the Friends List by using shortcut "O" key (UI is a work-in-progress), then selecting View Friends List.
    And, you can also access the Friends List via the navwheel (default ~)
    New Ignore List system (UserVoice)
    /ignore : adds player to ignore list
    /unignore : removes player from ignore list
    /listignore: displays ignore list in chat
    /clearignore: removes all entries to the ignore list
    This system is a first iteration, meant to get the feature in and usable. Ignore lists are client-side only and will not save across computers.
    The night is dark and full of terrors. Use your flashlight. (UserVoice)
    Night time is now a totally new experience. Be sure to turn on your flashlight (default X) to shed some light on the situation. (also great for mid-thumper dance parties)
    New refinement processes and crafting costs.
    Tons of changes to item costs, including entirely new resources to refine and collect.
    Brand new icons for items, nanoprints, nanotemplates, refining processes, and more. (UserVoice)

    UI Changes

    Brand new E-to-interact dialog. More responsive. Easier to tell what you're interacting with. Prettier graphics.
    Increased the darkness of the I Accept checkbox on the EULA screen.
    There are now separate sliders for controlling the volume of Music, Sound FX, Dialog, Battlechatter, and UI Audio. (UserVoice)
    Changes made in the settings should now save through game loads and zone loads. (UserVoice)
    Negative scans with the Scan Hammer now use the same UI as a successful scan.
    Added more feedback letting you know why you can't use Thumpers in certain areas
    Updated the character creation screen to keep the login background and changed the lighting of the character.
    Accidently deleting characters is now harder to do
    Dead players can still view the world map.
    Refresh rate added the to video resolution drop down in the Video Options menu.
    Added a showping command to the console to show your round-trip time to the server.
    Also added slash commands for both showping and showfps so you can use /showping and /showfps respectively in the chat window
    Adjusted some wording in the EULA
    Added new icons for waypoints to differentiate squad and personal waypoints.
    Reordered the way overlayed icons show up on the minimap
    Removed the popup error when attempting to purchase something you cannot afford.
    Added overall team score to the end of map scoreboard.
    OCT score columns of execute and revive have been replaced with hacks and unhacks.
    Manufacturing processes will pop up notifications when they are complete, or when you log in
    Additional audio scattered throughout the UI
    Fixed an issue where players would accidentally buy or sell items due to lag
    Fixed an issue with hacking textures when two people try to hack a node at the same time.
    Fixed an issue where LMT would not update after equipping gear.
    Fixed the tooltip position when mousing over a vendor's items.
    Fixed an issue where text would overlap in the chat log.
    Fixed an issue where portraits would not display properly during mission dialogue.
    Fixed an issue with mission text showing up over UI.
    Fixed an issue where the prompt to press E to interact would take a few seconds to display
    Fix for disappearing reticle when reloading during iron sights.

    Game Changes

    Significantly reduced (50%) the increase of health, weapon damage and ability power increases through levels and rarity of items.
    Base movement speed increased by approximately 20%
    Run speed modules have been changed to Sprint modules that increase your sprint speed.
    Implemented new Squad XP sharing system. Player performing XP event gets 100% of the XP reward. A small XP squad bonus is created and shared with squadmates, a large XP squad bonus for any squadmate who gets an assist.
    Raised the PvP Kill XP by 33% (200 from 150).
    You now share heal XP and Assists with your squad.
    Players should no longer be able to zoom around the world using their iron sights or scopes.
    Players are now removed from PvP matches if AFK longer than 5 minutes and removed from the game if AFK for longer than 15 minutes. (UserVoice)
    AFK players are now automatically removed from PvP queues
    AFK players in squads but not the squad leader will follow their squad leader into a match and be logged out after 5 minutes of being AFK
    Disabled the Scanhammer in PvP to prevent ammo reload abuse.
    This is temporary as the fix for the ammo reload is an issue that requires a bit of time.
    The Chosen have had trouble with their weapons and are no longer able to shoot the wings off a gnat at 200 paces.
    Changed the signs over the PvP terminals to be more obvious.
    Fixed bug where completed missions weren't removed from the active mission list.
    Added a pause and resume function to the patcher.
    Added more spawns to the world, including more variety to nests and hives.
    You can now go into deeper water and your camera will pan back to let you know that you should return to shore. Battleframes are not meant to be submerged.
    Nanoprints and templates now require that you pick them up instead of just run over them.
    Added in signs for Red Bean Café
    Changed the Recon's Resonating Bolt ability so that it only sticks to enemies and deployables. Will not stick to walls or terrain.
    Recons gain a new ability at level 14: Sin Beacon. The beacon will add nearby enemies to your SIN. If you hit an enemy, they become the beacon & take extra damage until the beacon is cleansed with a healing effect.
    The Recon's Teleport Beacon ability - reduce timer to 3 seconds (from 5)
    The Medic's Healing Wave ability self heal reduced by 30%
    The Medic's Healing Pulse ability self heal reduced by 30%
    Reduced the exit time of the Dreadnaught's Turret Mode ability by 33%
    Turrets should now fire at lairs, Chosen drop pods, etc.
    Removed access to various console commands that players should not have access to.
    Rare supply crate now gives two random items (up from 1)
    Reduced amount of resources per light thumper. (% of resources light thumpers get per payload reduced to 6% - down from 7%)
    There are now refining processes for all levels 1A through 1E starting at costs of 100 through 10000000. Higher tier processes are also more efficient, netting more output.
    Quartzite, Basalt, Ferrite, Brimstone, and Coralite have new visuals in the game.
    Created Ferrite, Basalt, Quartzite, and Brimstone Refining Processes 1A-1E
    Built Carbonite Casing (Carbon Polymer + Crystite) and Titanium Plating (Titanium Carbide + Crystite), along with research and nanotemplates to create them.
    Set the rarity of each resource to be consistent across all refining levels (coralite is always common now, ferrite is always uncommon, brimstone is always rare)
    Adjusted costs of all battleframe, backpack, and weapon nanoprints -- refined versions of ferrite, basalt, and quartzite are used now. Titanium Plating is used as well.
    Adding rare nanoprints from blueprint autogen for ability mods. Adjusted costs to all ability mod nanoprints. Carbon Casing added for some module recipes.
    Adjusted costs to all ability mod nanoprints. Carbonite Casing added for some module recipes.
    All nanoprints take 20 seconds to build.
    Removed random encrypted nanoprints from the vendors.
    Split the research vendor into 2 different vendors - Refining Research Vendor and Technology Research Vendor.
    Research now only costs crystite.
    Added brimstone costs to level 15 gear nanoprints.
    Increase the assist duration for Medics after droping a healing beam lock.
    A new calldown, Medium Healthpack, is available for players to research and build.
    Common loot items will now drop in the open world.
    Overall loot drop rates have increased.
    Added visual FX to player hit by Shockwave.
    Changed "rarity" of Templates and Refining processes to common to differentiate them visually in inventories, and at the manufacturing station.
    Removed the battleframe modification terminals from Orbital Comm Tower PvP map.
    SIN Sensor Tech Points spawn/reset during setup now in Orbital Comm Tower PvP map, instead of always being there. This fixes the problem of people activating them during warmup and having them persist into the real game.
    Switching to iron sights will not stop your firing if already shooting. (UserVoice)
    Characters can be created with hair colors other than black now
    Calldowns/Consumables can no longer be sold.
    Some items are flagged as permanents, and can no longer be sold or destroyed.
    Stacked blueprints can now be slotted into the manufacturing terminal
    New animation for being downed in the air.
    Added a terminal in Copacabana that can be used to join your squad leader who's in a different instance.
    Implemented additional fixes to hitches in the game client.
    Improvments to lag compensation and movement prediction.
    Greatly reduced memory usage on XP machines in Very Low and Low settings. Only slightly reduced in other quality settings.
    Additional performance improvements to ATI and nVidia chipsets.
    Improvements to error reporting with the Dumptruck crash reporter.
    Improved the virtual texture streaming priorities and decreased the total amount of texture data required to download.

    Game Fixes

    Fixed an issue where players that were immune to death while incapacitated were still interactable.
    Fixed an exploit that allowed for double-unloading of a manufacturing processes
    Fixed an issue where splash radius and healback modules could be stacked.
    Fixed an issue where switching classes after death with a secondary weapon out in Moisture Farm would cause your weapon to disappear in 3rd person.
    Fixed an issue where some vamp guns would not give healback properly.
    Fixed an issue where reload would stay on screen for primary weapons.
    Fixed various prop issues such as floating props, items clipping terrain, etc.
    Fixed an issue where bullets could not pass through a water plane. Grenades, bolts and plasma do not pass through water planes by design. (UserVoice)
    Fixed an issue where objects wouldn't render properly in some maps.
    Fixed an issue where players could see and shoot through certain collision volumes.
    Fixed an issue where Aranhas would change color after death.
    Fixed an issue where glass would not display properly.
    Fixed an animation issue when reloading while using iron sights.
    Fixed an issue where terminals would not render immediately in high population areas.
    Fixed an issue where coralite would not be placed properly on the world. Added new props for Coralite.
    Fixed an issue where aranhas corpses would not animate.
    Fixed an issue where mosquitos would not animate.
    Fixed an issue where Threshers would animate reacting to hits from a plasma cannon
    Fixed an issue where you would be unable to send your thumper back if you died while the thumper was in progress
    Fixed an issue where resources would be found within Copacabana
    Fixed an issue where aranhas would become stuck in a thumper and become invulnerable.
    Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a queue due to a group of low levels and a group of high levels queueing for the same map.
    Fixed an issue where squad leaders could not see the names of players they invite in the system notifications
    Fixed an issue where descriptions would not display when hovering over icons in the map.
    Fixed an issue where health powerups are consumed when player at 100% health.
    Fixed an issue where stackable items would not stack in inventory.
    Fixed an issue where characters would twitch when jumpjetting in the air
    Fixed stretched vertices on vendors
    Fixed some issues with hair and facial hair not displaying properly on characters.
    Fixed an issue where textures would not render properly.
    Fixed an issue where mosquitos would fly inside rocks and other objects.
    Fixed an issue where Assaults could have unlimited Overcharge.
    Fixed an issue where 32-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 were not detected correctly.
    Fixed an issue allowing Teleport Beacon to be launched through walls and terrain.
    Fixed an issue where shooting downed players with Resonating Bolts would immediately detonate the charge
    Possible fix for Aranhas lairs never despawning.
    Fixed multiple memory leaks in the game client.

    Audio Changes

    Characters will announce the state of their reloading much less often. (UserVoice)
    Your own player will only call out reloading 10% of the time, while you will hear remote players calling it out 80% of the time.
    Character sprint breathing sounds are now specific to your playerset. (UserVoice)
    Female characters are now less concerned with the state of their manicures. (UserVoice)
    Music should be playing at the login screen and the loading screen. (UserVoice)
    The deafening roar of rushing water near waterfalls has been toned down. (UserVoice)
    Fixed an issue with the Nova Cannon charge sound playing after cancelling the charge, but before firing.
    The Dreadnaught HMG spinup sound should now play properly. (UserVoice)
    Fixed an issue where a character would play voice over about a successful headshot when hitting a friendly.
    Added audio for HMG reload.
    Tiny thumper has all sounds a thumper should have now.

    Mission Changes

    Fixed an issue that would break mission progression if MPU template is sold.
    Fixed an issue where Chosen Patrol markers would not automatically get removed from the map.
    Fixed an issue where spamming the E key would cause multiple scraps to appear during Crashed Thumper missions
    Fixed an issue where the map would not open when prompted by Aero, causing continuity problems with misssion dialogue.
    Changed the icon for Crashed Thumper on the map.

    Server-Side Changes

    Implemented new Chat server cluster to better handle chat load and allow for future updates.
    Fixed multiple server crashes.
    Permanently added AI fixes that have created a more responsive AI.
    Fixes for servers starting up before AI is ready to go making it look as if there is no one in the world.
    Fixed an issue causing the AI to become unresponsive after time.

    this video shows you how the night actually looks now, too.

    ps, if anyone has a secret world/gw2 beta key, I could prolly give you a firefall betakey for it. (pm)
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    I absolutely love the changes with the new patch, especially new darkness of night time. It adds a whole new feel. Thumping at night with flashlights is awesome.

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    I've got 2 more invites for the game. I guess I can random them off again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedleyazg View Post
    I've got 2 more invites for the game. I guess I can random them off again.
    Random one to me =D!? Lol

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    Yar, I'm also pretty random....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercs213 View Post
    Random one to me =D!? Lol
    I second this notion. This game looks very VERY impressive so far. But then again so did Tera. Guess I'd have to try it to find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedleyazg View Post
    I've got 2 more invites for the game. I guess I can random them off again.
    I'm up for it, again.

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    I want to try this game out! :=

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    I would love to try this out, if you get any more Beta keys can you please inbox me one
    Bow down before our new furry overlords!

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    a game that ccould possibly pull me off wow, beta key plz?

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    argghh fps

    Not a big fan of fps games, they are okay to watch but I am no good at them, I will not buy many fps games, so this game will have to be perfect if its going to make me want it, but I doubt it :P

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    Interesting, but seeing the guy back pedal in the air while firing... That would hurt my fingers since my index finger is usually the one for pressing my spell/fire/action buttons on the UI. I'm sure it will all be really fun though ^.^
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    wasnt it due to be released last winter?

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    I've currently been playing beta and this isn't really JUST an FPS mmo, its mainly played in third person, but can be swapped to FPS.

    The game in general has been a blast, and if done right, could be a serious competitor to wow more-so than GW 2 and Tera. The main draw is probably the random world events that occur and just the sheer amount of excitement of being able to fly around and shoot shit.

    I'm usually the guy that says oh no this wont be a wow kill, and I dont think it will be either, but its going to be the go to game for when current raid teir is stale for me. Its not going to be another button masher, or a casting spell game, its going to be what battle field 3 was for me inbetween raids and still be able to raid/group up with my friends in another MMO.

    I really hope they implement some PvE dungeons and raids. Would make this game a very sweet side game to wow. It has the potential to be the next world of warcraft w/o killing the giant. Instead I feel that these two games with all the similarities and their differences will co-exist with one another.

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