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    Most every Jedi you see has broken the Code in some way or another, some moer than others. Jolee comes to mind as being an extreme case. He trained an unathorized apprentice whom he was in love with, later failed to kill her when she went to the dark side and left the Order when they failed to punish him.

    Qui-gon was also known for going his own way.

    Bastilla was awesome and a real badass, even though a bit of s tickler for the rules. Minus loving Revan.

    And some other folks like Windu, Katran, Luke, and Yoda. How can one say they aren't awesome? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by krono957 View Post
    mal was loosely based on han, as serenity was loosely based on the falcon, so with no han/falcon you have no mal/serenity
    Everything is based on something else hell, without the Samurai there would be no Star Wars, doesn't mean Star Wars isn't awesome
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