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    Disc or Holy for 5.0


    This is mostly a curious question and wanting to see how the priest community really thinks of it

    With some of the few mentions of the priest class for 5.0 I'm curious to see which way people are leaning for their healing spec.

    Disc I know will still be a good healing spec and we get a new shield so something else that benefits from our mastery. Though with the removal of replenishment and Int no longer directly increasing our mana pool(so kinda curious as to how they will be increasing mana pools as we go) removing two of our biggest known and current means for mana management.

    While with the same mana management changes leaning more to stacking spirit(with holy already benefiting more from spirit) will Holy out pace disc on longer fights while disc is more a burst healing model?

    Not nay saying but just speculating and interested to see others thoughts on this?

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    I think it is faaaaaar too early to be thinking about this. Skills/talents will change beyond recognition. And besides, there is never a cut throat disc OR holy as far as I am concerned. Both can shine.

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    Yep, any opinions are pretty much completely baseless until MoP is in beta. Going by blizzcon presentation of the new talent system is a waste of time. Most of that won't make it into alpha.

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    Chiming in in agreement with the last two posters. We don't even know anything about the passive abilities of either specs right now. Any theorycrafting seems pointless until we get more information. The only thing we really know is that we are going to keep our spec-defining abilities as you know them today - but we don't know anything about their strengths, so comparison is impossible.

    And besides, it's hard to imagine one spec being decisively stronger in the beginning of an expansion. At that point, both specs will have undergone rigorous balancing using both dungeon, raid and quest gear. In patch 4.0.1, both specs were really really bad (disc shields and mastery was garbage, and holy was running oom by spamming Heal). But they were definitively balanced. I wouldn't imagine the balance being any different in 5.0 . But from reports from GC, no healer shouldn't be struggling at the beginning of patch 5.0. Which is a plus in my book.
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