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    What GPU would be adequate on 1920x1080

    What GPU would be adequate to run WoW on 1920x1080 resolution on mostly ultra settings in a 25 man going into Mists of Pandaria?

    Is a GTX560 enough, or would it need some more power to process the spell effects in high amounts of things going on?

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    Depends on if you're expecting a fairly constant 60 fps, even during 25 man boss encounters....

    During the fights themselves, 30-45fps is typically fairly acceptable, as you'll still see everything that is going on fairly smoothly, but if you really want some good results, with that resolution and the settings you're asking for (I suggest Anti-Aliasing at no higher than 8x) I would suggest a GTX 570.

    When I was raiding 25s in Firelands (I've since quit and moved on from WoW) and wasn't Fraps-recording (typically forced fps down to 30fps), my GTX 560 Ti had some trouble keeping my fps in the 40s at times with a resolution of 1680x1050 and all graphics at max other than AA at 4 or 8x, I forget. A 560 Ti would likely be okay for you, but a 570 will last you longer and give you better results in more graphically intensive games out there too.
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    MoP wont bring too many change to the GPU requirement but they are adding some stuff to ultra settings, like even longer view distance and few other things that i already forgot about

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    Anything in the 500 Series should be enough. Because if you are not stupid you won't play in Ultra. I could play in Ultra with 20-30 FPS with my 460 and i7 950. At [email protected]

    But I rather play in High with no shadows and 1x multisampling and lay at 200-300 FPS. Since I have a 120Hz monitor I lay well over the 120FPS limit and it looks very smooth. And you basically don't see any difference from ultra since WoW is so badly optimized. It's a six or seven year old engine with just a few small tweaks along the way.

    So get a 560Ti and play on a such graphical level and resolution that you never dip down below 60. Rather be around 80-100. Because frankly you won't see much difference in-game. At least lower Shadows to lowest and multisampling and you will increase FPS by 50 easily without much notable difference in graphics. Shadows in WoW is retarded since there are so many objects for the CPU to handle already. And you won't really notice them. If you raid you will never take notice of them and your FPS will drop hugely since of how many objects are gathered in one spot.
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    That or above, and you're fine. Raiding will be CPU-limited anyway. I ran full-ultra (but raided without shadows) with 8x AA and 16x AF.

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