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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    You do realise thats pretty offensive right?
    Next time I'll offer tissues just in case you cant handle the harsh words people are usually using. It wasnt any more offensive than the guy I responded to, or the general attitude towards the asian culture and connecting "their multitude" to the games they produce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabreil View Post
    Single player games are dead/dying. For security reasons alone it's crazy not to have your game on a network. Look at Skyrim, there was a torrent the day before release and probably half the people playing the game stole it. No different then robbing a store imo. Off topic though.
    I always thought that to have the highest security your pc must be disconnected from a network. That aside do you really think that moving to online games will stop piracy? They're already modding servers and clients, i've seen hacked libraries for steam too somewhere.
    I don't know how's the internet connection in your country, but here there're many small towns with a shitty connection and ppl often must use a pen drive connection (which we all know it sucks) so playing online is not a good option.
    Same reason if you're working abroad from time to time, your precious steam account is useless.
    Not to mention that sometimes i like to play videogames alone, without anyone bothering me. I just want my good old single-player game time when i'm in the mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User007 View Post
    OMG a Diablo 3 clone already??

    Have you ever heard about Mythos? Probably not, because it's terrible. But Diablo 3 looks almost exactly like it's clone.

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    Nothing can kill diablo bro. Diablo would destroy that game on HYPE alone.. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulli85 View Post

    lol not a Diablo killer im a huge Diablo fan but I got into the MMO scene back in 2003 because of Lineage 2 so I was really looking for Lineage 3, to my surprise they went back to the Lineage 1 formula (it was a Diablo 1 competitor) instead of staying with the Lineage 2 formula.

    Anywayz, since you guys like games like Diablo I was thinking you would like to see and maybe follow this game.. it just got shown so it probably wont be out for at least 2 years, but it looks promising.
    Cool, this game actually looks fun - will it be in English though, or just subtitles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karteli View Post
    Cool, this game actually looks fun - will it be in English though, or just subtitles?
    Subtitles in all likelyhood.

    Ive tried a few others, and rarely if ever do they bother to translate the audio as well.
    Who wants to join the Bundle Traders Discord server?

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    Looks cool, but nothing with a language i cant understand will beat one of the best ARPGS with one of the best lore i have ever seen.

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    Looks like a good time waster until Diablo 3 comes out. They need to release it though before Diablo 3 or they won't be able to complete with it.

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