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    HELP: Different Gear Combinations for Disc


    On my alt priest on which I raid thoroughly (almost full HC content excluding Sinestra & Raggy, though will be doing Sinestra soon) I'm trying to figure out which is the optimal combination of gear for specific if not all Heroics in Firelands

    (I'm only doing Raggy HC on my mains protadin/mage so I don't think i'll be spending much time on Raggy HC on this priest for the next 1-2 weeks atleast)

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ufire/advanced (I'm playing around with sets so don't really pay attention to the 5 pieces of gear, just look at the off-pieces)

    The current 3 sets consist of the following:

    (a) 4 Set Healing + Valiona Normal Haste Helm
    (b) 3 Set + HC Shadow Chest
    (c) 2 Set + HC Shadow Chest + HC Baleroc Mantle

    (a) 2023 Haste + 6521 Intellect + 624 Crit + 628 Mastery
    (b) 2236 Haste + 6584 Intellect + 624 Crit + 482 Mastery
    (c) 2168 Haste + 6632 Intellect + 767 Crit + 673 Mastery

    The only Heroic tier pieces I have are the Legs. WTB THE DAMN HEAD TOKEN /cry

    I'm obviously reforging and gemming for Haste over Mastery due to how "last tier" and inefficient Mastery is (little to no shield spamming) vs. extra Divine Aegis ticks etc.

    1.So, my question is what are your thoughts and please be descriptive why on which set I should use (maybe on which particular fight?)

    2.If I recall correctly, the 4-Set adds up to roughly 2-4% of overall healing, is this true? How much would I gain from the haste if I use 2/3-Set?

    I have no problem 2 Healing full Firelands Heroics & T11 Heroics so i'd design my set combination around 2 Healing if that makes a difference

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    After thinking about it i'm very sure to go with option c) for more throughput on the longrun of a fight vs. the efficiency (not high) of the 4 set.

    Though, i'd still be interested in hearing other thoughts whether you agree or disagree
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    i would pick c) better optional stats + 111 more int.

    when u fight sinestra use 0 haste 0 spirit.

    puhmii eu-onyxia

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