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    Don't worry, im sure you'll get an invite. Like i said, they haven't sent all of them! Oh and BTW, the 1st email you'll be getting is just to inform you that you've been selected to test the game. They will later send a second email closer to the beta weekend, with info on how to download, etc.

    tyvm for the info

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    Just a reminder, NDA is still in effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stikz View Post
    Bioware doesn't really care to be honest. Even today i saw people in twitter saying to Stephen Reid that the game is awesome and he was also showing those tweets to his subscribers. Also when asked about the NDA he said something like "a few comments isn't big of a deal".

    They just don't want people putting out story spoilers and showing footage.
    This site is under close scrutiny because we are basically the largest SWTOR community other than the Bioware-moderated forums. I am fairly sure this information is not under NDA.

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    Good for you, see gary the retard much?

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    wonder if they will lift the NDA on 12-15-11 since thats when the first early access ppl can get in...

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