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    orange keystone can : math problem help lol

    little background story.. the "orange can" is found within keystone thirty packs as a fun/collector type thing, and no real benefit for finding it. me and my friends had never heard of it until recently, and last night we were joking around saying imagine we get the orange can. turns out not only did our thirty have an orange can, but it had two in the thirty lol so a quick google search got me this:

    there's about 1 in every 67 thirty packs (so figure 1 in 2010 cans) what are the odds of getting 2 of them in a single thirty pack? i played around with some numbers, but its been like two years since i had statistics so im a bit rusty lol can anyone help figure this out?

    no judgment on the keystone! poor college students!

    and here's the "life of an orange can" video clip lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTQlnkJVeC4

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    Well basically there's a 1/2010 chance any given can in a case is an orange one (assuming the 1 can:67 cases is correct) and so the chance for getting two would be multiplicative so 1/2010^2 which equals 1/4040100

    In other words you got really lucky

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    The two shittiest things about college: Keystone Light and Statistics.

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