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    Help pointing mistakes on Rag HC (shadow)

    Hello there SP community of MMO-Champ,

    Since we are still struggling to get into p4 with only one meteor, I decided to ask a bit of help on behalf of my dps, since I don't have advance knowledge of each class besides mine.


    Log for phase 3, is already zoomed in the time interval. Anything to improve with skill usage, cooldowns or some tips to improve the dps?
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    It doesn't look like theres a TON more you can do there. Your uptimes are slightly low but considering movement and such its pretty reasonable. You casted only 7 mind blasts in almost 2 minutes time, you could get that up to 12-13 (I accounted for movement, if you played PERFECTLY in 2 min you squeeze in 19 MBs since you don't have time for the 20th cast) and that should help a little. Make sure you have your cooldowns synching well for this i.e. pot + PT proc before you fiend, archangel after full refresh of dots etc.

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    Your DoT uptimes are very low. Movement is no excuse for that. DP should be 100% since you will always use it when moving out of Engulfings. VT should be very close to 100% also. I am also wondering why you pop Heroism so late into P3?

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    We were waiting to pop heroism the instant the first world in flames finish. Although I think we should do it the moment ragnaros pop out, to get the 40 seconds before the first meteorite on heroism, and shorten the pre execute % of the boss... Thanks for the tips, I will pass them to him.

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    i looked over some of the other rag wipe logs, and you really need to work on your dot uptime. for the longest fight you had 70.9% VT uptime, 74.7% uptime on shadow word: pain, and 73.1% uptime on devouring plague. not sure if that is because of the phase transitions or what, but try and make sure you refresh your dots on rag before he goes down. do you use a dot timer addon like fortexorcist or power auras? it might help you out to invest in one if you dont.

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    Our guild certainly had better luck popping hero right at the start of p3 rather than after the first engulfing. Everyone's cd's in our raid seem to sync up with Rag popping up as p3 starts, and by delaying hero you are delaying the use of cd's which have the opportunity to come back up a second time right before the second meteor lands. As stated by other posters, try to ensure that you are keeping close to full uptime on dots even during engulfing. If you know a dot is going to fall off while you're moving during engulfing it is better to recast it early rather than let it fall off for any amount of time. There's really no excuse for dp or swp falling off, however.

    Swp falling off tells me you went a full 18 seconds without casting a mf, which barring some very unfortunate luck, should be virtually impossible if you are performing optimally. Dp uptime should also be 100% just by the nature of it being your go to movement spell during engulfing. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the boundaries of the various engulfing damage zones so you can position yourself on the borders preemptively in order to minimize your movement, rather than being right on top of Rag when the closest engulfing zone appears and you have to run full distance to escape. Try to cast mb on cd as much as possible, even during engulfing. By minimizing your movement time during engulfing you will naturally be able to cast more mb's during this time period.

    Aside from minizming movement in order to maintain as close to your normal rotation as possible throughout the phase, it may be worthwhile to re-evaluate your trinket choices. Sorrowsong is an extremely useful trinket for casters who are solely concerned about the p3 burn. The trinket will give you an average of 855 sp for the phase, which makes it far and away the best trinket for a p3 burn, although naturally you will do less dps for the first two phases.

    There's not much else you can do, nor should the burden of picking up the dps be squarely upon your shoulders. It looks like everyone's dps in your guild is just a tad too low at the moment, so each person will need to pick up their own slack in order to make this dps check. I would argue that the main offender is your warlock; there's really no reason for a demo lock to be doing less than 40k during a p3 burn, and it would appear as though he blew his meta well before heroism, used his MWC after his Meta was active, and used his Demon Soul on his felhunter rather than his felguard. I'm merely a warlock hobbyist however, so I'll leave a detailed analysis for someone else. Regardless, there are obvious problems here, and I'm sure something could be found for each one of your raiders. The good news is that there is a lot of unrealized dps your guild can gain simply from correcting these minor errors, so I'm sure a 1 meteor p3 won't be far off once all the kinks get worked out.

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    Thanks a lot for the tips, will pass them all to our SP. For the lock, I created another thread, but doesn't seem to have gotten any answers... I know there is something fishy with the damage the doomguard was putting, so I will try to bump it and get something. Thanks again.
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    Stickies are your friend!

    Try posting in the Fix My DPS Thread next time.

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