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    How many cores are important for gaming?

    I'm looking at laptops, and while I don't need a super high-end gaming one, I'd like to know if I should go for a dual or quad-core cpu.

    Graphic quality isn't an issue so much as hiccups and graphic lag. Which is more of a cpu than gpu problem I figured.

    Basically I'm trying to choose between these;


    I prefer the style, size, and better gpu and hard drive on the Toshiba. But the Lenovo is cheaper, has more ram, and an i7 instead of an i5.

    Is there even a performance difference between them?

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    in my honest opinion i would go with the Lenovo it is def better performance wise and a bit cheaper all around better choice but that's just me

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    There is definitely a performance difference between the mobile i5 and i7 CPU's. However there is a larger difference between a Geforce 555M and a Geforce 560M. Between the two if you're going to be gaming I strongly suggest the 560M.

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    The toshiba has:
    Higher resolution
    Faster hdd
    Better gpu

    The lenovo has:
    quad core cpu
    2gb more ram

    Overall the toshiba is a bit better for gaming... but the lenovo definitely has better bang for your buck.

    You should check out this one too:
    Has the best specs from both and a 1080p screen to boot.
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    The number of cores is a misleading figure since very little software is written to make good use of them, especially since the operating systems themselves aren't.
    Most modern games are more reliant on the GPU than the CPU, though wow is an exception to that still being very much CPU based due to poor support for the features of a modern GPU.

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