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    Dark sided jedi and light sided sith.

    I feel like the two are an oxymoron. If a jedi does bad thing and gains dark sided points... wouldn't he be a sith? The same thing goes for a sith doing good things. Can someone elaborate for me how this makes sense exactly? I realize there are gray jedi that walk on the line between light and dark, and that there are dark jedi, but dark jedi aren't affiliated with either the republic or the empire.

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    While I think GL would agree with this, the game takes place in a different time, and the philosophies are different.

    First off, the devs used the nazi vs american example which I am sure you have heard. You can be a well intended and honorable nazi, or a horrible uncaring american. But that doesn't fully explain everything, and if you are into lore then there is a different way of looking at it.

    The jedi code is all about suppressing emotion and finding peace. Sounds all well and good until you get to a situation like during the madalorian wars where jedi just sat back at let millions of people get killed all because they didn't want to fight a war where they might feel something and turn to the dark side. A lack of emotion could also be considered cold and calculating. It all depends on what emotion you should be feeling. But even love and compassion sound good until you realize they lead to pain and the dark side (see anakin) when those things are lost.

    The sith code is the opposite. It talks about passion, strength and freedom. Usually this means they are selfish and evil. But why can't it be possible that they are passionate about helping people? They could seek knowledge to help others. And even those ideas can be twisted. One of kria's lessons explained that by helping people you are selfishly overcoming their obstacles and keeping them from growing and learning.

    It all depends on your point of view. There is nothing wrong about a jedi who thinks "the ends justifies the means" or a sith who seeks to help people. On the whole the sith are more evil than the jedi sure. But that doesn't mean that as an individual you can't have a different view.

    Edit: here is the post where he talks about light side sith. I just can't find the one with the comparison. http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...75#edit5397475
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    I started one Sith and one Republic and that's exactly what I did just to see what would happen. It would be interesting to follow it all the way to the end.

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    I think the points are more of a reference to their personalities rather than the force, you know?
    That you're offended becuase of such a stupid reason as someone suggesting implementing a custom used in the west world, of which it's history and mythology Warcraft is mainly based upon offends me.

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    There are things known as Dark Jedis who are not Sith. As for a light sided Sith; that doesn't make any sense.

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    Sith are usually not evil from the beginning, Jedi use the force with discipline (albeit too rigid at times) whilst the Sith perhaps misuses it? They don't actually show very much restraint so I am guessing that the power corrupts.

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    A Light Side Sith could be someone who is loyal to the Empire and sees the Jedi as a honorable enemy. LS Sith also uses more tactical and logic actions rather then some mindless killing ("DIE jedi scum!!")

    As for DS Jedi. You could say that Anakin was a DS Jedi. He uses more "darker" methods to eliminate the enemies of the Republic and the Jedi.
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    Sith and Jedi go through different training, therefor just because they end up being on the other side of the force their usage of the force is still guided by their training

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    From a Role Playing perspective, say you're a Jedi. The Sith have rolled in a fleet to the Republic and killed many. Just because your anger has overcome you and led you down the path of the Dark Side, it doesn't mean you just march across the line and join up. These are your people the Sith are killing. Your fury is still directed at them.

    On the other hand, say you're a Sith. The Republic, to you, is evil. They've shoved the Empire out of their home world of Korriban. You're taking back what's yours, and you want the Empire, your people, to grow. To ensure it never happens again. So, your actions focus on strengthening the Empire over yourself.

    I've seen it said multiple times that, for Sith, sometimes the Light Side choice is crueler than the Dark Side choice.
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    I guess dark sided for the jedi in swtor means being more pragmatic rather than... well... a hippie.

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