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    Upgrading my pc need some help.

    hey mmo-champion im looking to upgrade my pc a little since i'm starting to not be able to run newer games like skyrim bf3 etc..

    my current specs are.
    motherboard: pegatron TRUCKEE 1.04
    graphics card:Geforce gts 230
    CPU:Intel(R)Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 2.67GHz

    I thinking of upgrading my GTS 230 to a GTX 560 ti and then i will have to upgrade my psu to since my current one has a max of 480 watt.
    i have looked at a Corsair GS 800W PSU.
    i also heard it's a good idea to upgrade your hardisk but i dont know how to find out what i have, but windows experience index rated it's transfer rate as 5.9.
    i'm not so picky about the price.

    beforehand thanks for the help and sorry for the bad english

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    lol @ motherboard... pegatron truckee? I assume it's some kind of prebuilt?
    Anyways, yea, the gpu is the main thing to upgrade in your system... and 480w probably is cutting it a bit fine so the psu would want an upgrade too. No need to go overboard though... a good 650w will run 2x 560ti's... so you'd be set for a long time with that.
    If your hdd got a 5.9 wei then it's almost certainly a 7200rpm drive... so you'll be fine with it... no sense spending the 3-4x inflated prices right now trying to get a minimal improvement. Unless you want to go for an ssd of course.. that's a whole other story... in which case I'd recommend a 128gb crucial m4.
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    yea it's a prebuilt pc, had a hard time finding the name of my motherboard pegatron truckee was the only name i could find.
    I will buy a slightly less powerfull psu with my gpu then, thanks for the help very much apreciated.

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