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    KOTOR I storyline was amazing, I've only managed to play the dark side version so far... no matter what I do I end up dark side so I've yet to see the canon ending.

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    Got kotor through at the very least ten times and kotor 2 only once.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozires View Post
    You guys know if the combat in kotor II works the same as in the first one?
    It's the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev12 View Post
    Got kotor through at the very least ten times and kotor 2 only once.

    It's the same.
    I think Kotor2 combat is a little more refined then the first game.

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    Both. They are amazing. The ending of the second one was a little too, "WTF! So sudden! Where's my conclusion?!", but they are up there with my favourite games.

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    Only played Kotor, beat it twice with light side and dark side playthroughs.

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    Have played both. Unfortunately they don't run very smoothly under Windows 7, and I couldn't get the widescreen fix to work =(
    So far, resolution issues is one thing that really keeps ruining my enjoyment of some great oldies.
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    Wonderful games, and SWTOR looks to be awesome as well.

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    I've played both many times. I'm not the biggest fan of SW universe but Kotor is definately my favourite game.

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    Those were the games that made me believe that games in SW universe can be damn good. Completed both many times - no regrets whatsoever.

    P.S. Considering that SWTOR is a spiritual successor to the 2 previous installments, I will buy and pay for it at least just to get through the story line (been a long time since KotOR2).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    Currently playing KotOR 1. Again. For like the 8th time.

    Eventually I'm going to have to do a darkside consular... but I don't wanna.
    All I ever do is make a DS Consular. Force Storm owning of noobs. I usually start off as a soldier for some good melee ability then I will pick consular for sweet force action. Then, add a double-bladed lightsaber. Flurry owns in melee, devastating at range. Maybe this is why I want to play a Sith Assassin....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    I think Kotor2 combat is a little more refined then the first game.
    The choices you get when making your character and progressing it is alot more complex in the sequal, the combat itself follows the same set of rules (D&D) but the said complexity makes the combat more interesting in KoTOR2 - as far as the game overall fares, I'd say KoTOR1 wins hands down, mostly due to the epic storyline.

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    Finished KOTOR like 8 or 9 times. It is definitely my favourite rpg of all time. It's just that good. The story is superb. Kotor 2 is okish, but then again, it wasn't Bioware's hand.

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    I played KotOR and thought it was dreadful.

    Felt like a really primitive version of Mass Effect.

    Let me add, I didn't give it much of a chance. I got it for like 5$ off Steam, to see what it was like. It was well after it's prime.

    But I got about 3 hours into it, was just bored to tears and hated the controls with a burning passion.
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    I got about half way through both of em, was last year, and I was so swamped with newer games, and the ui for it was so inefficient compared to a 1-0 hotkey bar, I never got arund to finishing them.

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    Played both games so many times in so many different ways and I truly enjoyed it each time. If I could pick an issue with it was that the second felt as though it had more customisation going on then the second installment did (at least to me) and I felt as though the second story was good but less of a hook than the first game. I believe it is because I found the exile to be more a framing device through which we got more tib-bits about Revan and his post war adventures than an actual stand alone character.

    But both were good games as I said before and the biggest issue I have with them is that they suffer badly when brought on to the newer operating systems such Windows 7 even when using "Run as "x" .." type work around still have the game cut out and bug out from time to time.

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    Played Kotor and hated it.

    ME2 on other hand was Brill! Best RPG :P
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    I played Kotor1 as I started getting interedted in swtor. With some many saying that they were similar I figured I had to give it a try, and I freaking loved it.
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