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    Help me choose my computer specs (Custom building on digitalstorm)

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to get a new computer.. I want to build it on http://www.digitalstormonline.com/gamingdesktops.asp but im not very experienced with computer specs. I'd appreciate it if the awesome mmochampion forums would build me one and post a link to it (Or list its parts) here. there's presets so it should be quick, my budget is about $2,000 (Note that this does NOT include monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc, this is JUST the computer itself) I'm looking for a computer to play most/all games on high-max settings and be able to upgrade it annually to keep it that way. I'm also accustomed to 8g ram so please don't go under that! thank you!

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    If you take this one:
    And bump the gpu up to a 590 you should be pretty much set.

    You can get a lot more bang for your buck with a different site though... for instance:
    Is a significantly better setup.
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