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    How laggy is your beta?

    I'm just wondering what people's lag is like out there. I fully understand it is beta, and a stress test one it seems with all the invites that went out this weekend (mine included), I want to know if most people are experiencing major lag. If most aren't it might be my computer that is trouble handling it. It auto set graphic settings on high, and it was unbearably laggy, and even on low it's a little iffy. How about you guys in the beta that have played this weekend?

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    I got an email saying that I was invited to beta and another email would come with more details. Nothing on my account or no new email. It's from the official address...wonder if it's next weekend?

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    This thread probably won't last BUT I played all weekend and didn't experience any lag or frame rate drops at all, it was great. I do play on a high end computer.

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