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    why did u choose ur race ?

    < This thread is about GW2 >

    been wondering for a while now which race to pick for my Elementalist, narrowed it down to 3, Human , silv and Asura

    i think Asura is defintley a winner here for a number of reasons but i hate the fact tht my armor will appear small ( armor looks is wht matters in gw2 :P ) thts why am 2nd gussing .

    anyway as the title say, why did u choose ur race was it lore ? was it looks ?

    share here ur choice and a few words on why

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    I always loved the Vrykul in WoW and wanted to play as them, so Norn was the obvious choice.

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    Because I like to keep things human. Asura and Charr aren't that big a deal to me
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    1) humans are a dying race so someone has to save them
    2) wasnt compelled enough to roll sylvari thief
    3) Dougal Keane
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    It all depends on the last scholar class for me. But I'm probably going to make Asura or Sylv. I need something more "evil" tho, or ill miss my forsaken to much . Or arrogant that works for me too.

    I guess I haven't really made a choice yet :P.

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    either asure ele or guardian

    I DON'T KNOW YET ... aaaargh!
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    I play Tauren in WoW, I like wild creatures and Charr! Besides, they look badarse.

    Considering human since they're a dying race, and asura since their your average cute smart and rude person.

    Not compelled to roll Sylvari atm.

    Probably going Elementalist or Ranger since Shaman and Hunter are my fav wow classes
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    Because I totally love cats, I think.
    And Charr have some beautiful tails.
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    I'm thinking I'll go with an Asura warrior. And I'll use a two-handed mace, so I can be a little ball of angry death whacking people around. Hopefully the thing will look way oversized on me.
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    Human = Too tall
    Sylvari = Too tall
    Charr = Too tall
    Norn = Way too tall
    Asura = Just right

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    Because Charr are cute. =) I love cats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerr0r View Post
    I'm thinking I'll go with an Asura warrior. And I'll use a two-handed mace, so I can be a little ball of angry death whacking people around. Hopefully the thing will look way oversized on me.
    You mean like this :P

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    Because of viking and the nordic concept so have I chosen Norn.

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    Asura thief because they are awesome, funny and easily missed by enemies. And I'll have a Charr warrior alt for when I want to walk around like a baws.

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    Norn for me. I always like to play a tall race, and I do like the lore surrounding them.

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    For my elementalist I'm going human, as a direct descendant of my GW1 elementalist. The rest will be played with various alts which I haven't decided upon yet.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    i havent yet choosed a race, as i dont know what are all the racials yet.

    the only thing i know is that i will be playing a Elementalist, Race TBA

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    To me it's the way the profession fits the race. I would never create a charr or norn thief e.g. because their figure is just to big and it seems like they are not very agile. But a thief or rogue has to be agile and quick in my opinion.

    So I got most of my professions + races figured out:

    Necromancer - Human. Because I just think human is the best looking race for a caster and the armor just looks so great on them. Even though I think asura and sylvari would also fit the profession, but that's a matter of taste. I have always played casters as a human.

    Elementalist - Same as necromancer.

    Guardian - Asura will probably be my choice with the guardian and the no. 1 reason for that is because I just love how they carry their 2H-weapon on their shoulder and the fact that a little guy like that is trying his best to protect his friends. But human, norn and sylvari would also fit this profession.

    Hunter - Sylvari is my choice for this profession as it just fits so perfectly into their nature. Also human, norn and charr would fit this profession. Asura not really because they are more into technical things and that just doesn't go with a hunter in my opinion.

    Engineer - Charr or Norn would be my choice here due to the roughness of the class itself. But also humans and asura would fit.

    Thief - All but charr and norn due to their figure.

    Warrior - All races except sylvari, but I would probably pick Norn or Charr.

    In the end it's a matter of taste of course, but that's how I would pick mine. In general humans just fit every class/profession because they are very versatile.

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    I'm pretty much going character by character for whatever fits them. My Necro's going to be a Charr, but I'm not sure about the others. I think my thief might be human.

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    Lack of options. Norn is the race I dislike the least. (don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for GW2, I just don't like the races)

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