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    Still a bit off topic, but it's cool if he doesn't like centaurs. I'm typically not a -huge- fan either, they just get overused a lot and they're often just generic baddies. But I do really like what ANet has done with them as far as models go, and some of the animations that I've seen in GW2 videos look really really nice.

    That said, I still do agree that a playable centaur race would be sweet. Have always wanted to play the "bad guys" from these games--the centaurs, the naga/serpent people, dragon-things, you name it. But I think since they're usually so different that devs would have to really commit to it to overcome seemingly simple things like "where put boot armorz"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grugmuc View Post
    Well, you could rule out dresses altogether (not that I care for them). You would see the "human" upper half dressed up, while bits and pieces of the armor or "street clothes" adorning the horse half. They could even give females the chance to have their tales braided/preened while wearing some of the more fancy stuff.

    Plus they already have some sexy armor that fits the horse half-

    I guess I hate to see such a good race with many potentials just discarded by most MMORPGs/RPGs/Table-tops. And I know that ArenaNet would implement them the right way, and not disappoint.

    Plus, it would be another unique race to add to their repertoire that they already have going.

    Know what, I'm going to make a huge email about these guys and send it to them. Suggestions are a plus!
    only if im allowed to ride my centaur allies, if not then they arent allowed

    however if i can... welcome aboard
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    then again i'm pretty sure you're smarter then the average dumbass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grugmuc View Post
    So you don't like a fantasy creature/race in any fantasy setting? That's silly.
    Thanks, good to know my opinion is silly to you. Because you are silly to me.

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    I'l be rolling Female Norn guardian or warrior with Bear as her guide. I've a love of many things Norse and Celtic, and identify quite strongly with Bear IRL.

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    Ugh still stuck myself.

    Between Norn or Asura.

    I love the viking ladies <3 but character animations are a huge thing for me, and the Asura's just look so good ):

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    The charr are charrific, there is nothing else to be said.

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    Whichever makes the coolest Necromancer!

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