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    Is it possible for you to move? Because I would consider if it my internet connection were that slow lol.
    I would too. I'm at Uni and can only get a max speed of 4mb, but usually it's only like 1.5mb. Sometimes is drives me crazy! (It took like 36 hours to download SW:TOR). Off topic, but RatFanatic? do you like rats? :P I have 12 (L)_(L)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elgand View Post

    Just a note; 60Kbps is dial up. If you are using a Ethernet port for internet you are probably running at 60 KBps and not 60 Kbps.
    Yeah, it's gotta be Kbps, because it's slow, but not dial-up slow.

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    You always type speed with bit and storage with byte.

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    Divide by 8.

    That being said, how did you come to live in a place that cannot get cable internet? I am just curious if this was a choice or you were born here and are too young to move away or what. I have moved several times in the past few years and I cannot imagine not asking the relator who the local cable company was and what internet her office uses. How do people come to live in these god forsaken places??
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    they gave plenty of time to download it in most cases. that said 20gb should be manageable, though on my old connection it would have taken 2 days. meh. even still I got the invite 2-3 days in advance.

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    i was downloading it at 120kbs a second. I left it on all day and all night, and finished it with four hours to spare on friday. I'm just glad the download wasn't corrupted.

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    Bioware has also said that they had a nice chunk of bugs to sort through this stress test. Including once that loops the patcher ensuring the game never completely downloads. This was caused by a corrupt file or something on their server I believe. Their apology aside, this is why beta tests occur.

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    Took me over 24 hours on my POS connection. The upcoming massive beta will also probably require a new client download FYI. Luckily my fiber goes in on Wed, but to be honest I doubt Ill play the next beta weekend, but for good reasons.

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    There will be a boxed retail version of the client at release.

    But really, it's not BioWare's fault that you live out in the boonies (the UP or something?) and can't get good internet. It sucks and it's often infuriating that the US has such poor internet access, but there's nothing that can be done about it short of government intervention or just moving yourself to an urban area.

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    I'd just finish to download it so when early acces comes or if you get invited to another week-end you'll just need to patch it up

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    ive check the swtor/tester tester on tuesday and i saw i was invited and got the e-mail about the fact that i was invited on thursday and it took me 3 hours to download. next time guys check the swtor/test site every day.dont wait for the e-mail from bioware.

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    Hopefully, that boatload of issues will be fixed for the next weekend test. But then we'll also be dealing with ludicrous amounts of testers.

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