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  • Marauder/Sentinel

    8 10.00%
  • Jugernaunt/Guardian

    8 10.00%
  • Sorcerer/Sage

    13 16.25%
  • Assasain/Shadow

    11 13.75%
  • Operative/Scoundrel

    8 10.00%
  • Sniper/Scoundrel

    9 11.25%
  • Powertech/Vanguard

    7 8.75%
  • Mercenary/Commando

    16 20.00%
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    After playing the weekend Beta which class will you play!!

    I tried Guardian Assassin and Merc, Melee seemed to figity for me in this game maybe i just need to get used to it more but the Merc was so nice and smooth and has epic abilities.
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    was planning on going marauder. played merc and marauder til 15. liked both but def liked merc more

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    Didn't play the beta, but I still plan on going marauder.

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    Played a Merc till lvl 12 and a Warrior till lvl 8. I really love Merc, but it seems like it is going to be one of the classes that is overpopulated at first. Most of the ppl I talked to said that BH was their fav casue they 1 shot stuff and etc.

    I hope its not overpopulated becasue I picked it for the sole reason that you dont use force powers and lightsabers. Most of the ppl I encountered were Warriors, and when asking them why, they wanted to use those 2 things.

    My own brother thought it was dumb to be Merc casue I didnt have a lightsaber -.-
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    Going to try out the Juggernaut, Assassin and the Operative.
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    Played the Merc but picked Powertech. I enjoyed the Merc a lot but I liked the melee skills and basically hoping that Powertech may be the play style I enjoy.

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    Very Surprising! I had a assumption that most would pick a Lightsaber class, but maybe the little kids will make up for the difference cause you all know there all gonna be jedi

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    I leveled my Assassin the highest, and I like it, but I did also really enjoy the BH I tried out. So who knows.

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    Played some Juggernaut. Kind of want to play that now. Still plan to roll a Mercenary Bounty Hunter, and Gunslinger Smuggler though.

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    I'm going to roll a Sage. I played a Shadow and BH mainly during the Beta and I'm a bit miffed that I didn't roll a Sage when I had a chance.

    As for the Mercenary numbers, I'm not surprised. BH is an amazing class. Hutta is going to be stacked on launch day.

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    Commando was cool and really liked the story line. Plus Lassie from Psych voices your first companion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by havak16 View Post
    I tried Guardian Assassin and Merc, Melee seemed to figity for me in this game maybe i just need to get used to it more but the Merc was so nice and smooth and has epic abilities.
    My main shall be a Sith Marauder, got one to 16 and loved every second of it. Second char will be a Trooper Vanguard (dps, I don't like the whole blaster cannon gameplay. Prefer a good ol' blaster rifle)

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    I need more beta testing to figure out what I want to play.

    Played Imperial Agent, Smuggler, and Jedi Knight and all three I wasn't blown away.

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    Initially, gonna go Sith Juggernaut, got one to level 13, enjoyed it. I like to tank. Decided to try a Republic class too, and grabbed Trooper. Went Vanguard. And dear god, was trooper FUN. Virtually no stationary attacks (By level 16, only 3 channeled attacks). Was just a blast. Heavy Armor and big guns!

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    I dunno, I really have no idea. I played Sith Assassin cause I wanted to play a marauder when retail hits....

    ..but god assassin was so much fun.
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    I can't decide between which healer I'm going to play. There's something peculiar (in my opinion) about the Scoundrel/Operative's energy system, so I may play another healer. Sorc/Sage is basically the FOTM healer right now, but Commando/Merc looks cool too.

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    Operative! Female Operative. I decided on female IA for my first character the moment I learned that Jo Wyatt was doing the voice for her. <3

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    Im actually undecided on what class to play now after playing the weekend beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babalou1 View Post
    Im actually undecided on what class to play now after playing the weekend beta.
    Same here. I'm most likely going to roll a IA- Sniper at launch, however I did not play a single empire character to prevent any kind of spoilers, so that the zones are completely fresh upon launch. But playing both Trooper and Jedi Knight until 13, I'm completely undecided on what my second will be. I was actually surprised at how up in the air things were when I gave some other classes a go. I thought that I wouldn't roll a republic character, but now that I've played them I found the story quite enjoyable.

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