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    Quote Originally Posted by etubrutei View Post
    um not to be a jerk or troll or anything but who cares in reality no one will miss you when you leave ps you will be back in 5 months
    To emphasize how bad this argument is ive been gone for almost a year and never looked back, after playing for 5 years.
    Pandas just showed me blizz have lost their way, and ive been waiting for TOR all year after leaving wow, ive deleted wow off my computer and it will never get back on my it, the state of the next expantion makes me sick, gettin rid of trees is stupid and pandas are pathetic, and healing while doing dmg shows how much they are catering to little kids and lonely house wives as the kids can do their P3Wx2 while still healing and pandas are "cute".
    TOR eats wow alive and basically everyone i know IRL and in game have left wow over the past 6 to 12 months

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    Nothing about babies.... "Pandas pushed me out the door" is what I read.

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    Dudes and Dudettes: ToR might be the best thing since sliced bread, but WoW remains an outstanding MMO. Blizzard isn't crying into their beer over this: SCII sold well, Daiblo III will be out at a time when people will have hit the content cap in ToR and looking for things to do, and MoP will come out as well. ToR isn't killing WoW: Even if half the subscriber base leaves forever, WoW would still be an insanely popular and successful MMO. Most MMOs would give their left gonad to even have 15% of WoW's subscriber base, and they're still cranking up in China with Brazil on the way as well.

    I sincerely hope that ToR is a great and successful game, but there's room in the world for more than 1 great game at a time, and WoW has been great for a long time, and continues that greatness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onlyindweebs View Post
    Nothing about babies.... "Pandas pushed me out the door" is what I read.
    So? That was about leaving WoW. A baby is about why not two games.

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    I quit, but did you see me make a fucking post about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiss View Post
    I quit, but did you see me make a fucking post about it?

    Nope, I quit and didnt make a post about it either... however, I did write about it in my diary.
    Anti-Legacy tears are the tastiest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by malevolentmuse View Post
    Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I have a baby coming in January. I don't have time (nor will I have the money) for two MMOs. Sometimes there's a backstory to why someone does something.
    remember to use the "i dont have time to do this" line on forums when something hard comes up in SW sure unlike blizzard bioware wont care and you'll come crying back to world of warcraft

    but as far as the topic goes,i dont know.if friends play it ill probably play it because theres no chance in hell after the shitfest that is cataclysm im playing another WoW expansion
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    I have stopped with WoW, since March, I don't think it was a 5 month break and I am already Waiting for SWTOR, if SWTOR fails to attract me, GW2, if that Fails TSW will be out 1-2 months later, if that Fails I'll probably lose faith in humanity and kill myself, but if I don't suicide It'll be KoA: Reckoning(followed by the KoA MMORPG) and IF THAT FAILS I LITERALLY PROMISE MY DEMISE.

    I seriously doubt ALL or even 1 of these BIG BUDGET titles will fail, they promise much much different, they took the time, they spent the money, they gave the evidence, what more do we need? Though I find this post being the first ever post from this guy on MMO-Champ feeling quite trolltastic, or just plain funky, I am kind of in that same boat of frustration with, Cataclysm is such a let down. It ruined the fun uniqueness of classes, ruined PvP fun, ruined my damned (for PvE mostly) lifesteal/self healing/hybrid healing and so much other shit, Cata seemed lack luster. The only good thing wasn't really good or lasted - hard heroic modes 5 mans (they still offered shitty gear and still were pre-raid cock-block content, not end game difficulty 5 man shit I hoped for)

    Rift FAILED because it was too fucking much like WoW, too much. A story/world/lore 1/20 as interesting as Warcraft/Azeroth, much uglier player models, on par failness of voice acting and lore presentation as well as no real engaging cinematics, like WoW. All it has better than WoW is way better class design more dynamic innovative shit with a dev team that has some flare to them (also listen, not pretend to or just talk a lot). But a player like me has already spun my wheels with WoW for 6 years, I don't want to start over as a pieces of shit level one on a game I don't yet understand, on a world/lore I can't get into, with people I don't know just to have slightly better gameplay than WoW

    Off my main point, I got invited to the Beta invite, bastards sent me an email saying I would get a follow up one with a code and then ask me for my opinions (survey email). So I am both invited and uninvited, I can't say shit about how awesome or slightly better than WoW SWTOR is just yet.
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    I plan on raiding a bit in 4.3 (WoW) but ultimately, I'll be quitting WoW all together. I haven't played 1 second of the beta, yet my mind is made up. Been playing WoW for about 5 years and it's seemed stale and boring for quite some time now. The only reason I've been playing is because of the guilt I'd feel leaving my guild hanging lol.

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    So this is what it comes to? I'm having a kid and don't have time to play two games, so i'll post on forums to create yet another wow is dying thread? Why not just take care of the kid and spend the sub money on diapers?

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    Don't do anything crazy like deleting characters, last thing you'd want is to be poorly surprised if it fails to impress you past the 2-3 day mark.

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    I think it's absolutely hilarious that everyone here thinks that TOR is gonna be some badass hardcore MMO. You do realize that EA is behind bioware yes?

    They used the same term "refinement"(as used by blizzard) to dumb down the talents in Dragon Age 2 as compared to it's predecessor. So don't be surprised if TOR starts out as vanilla wow and then enters panda territory (Mists of Ewok-ia?)

    Coz if theres one company that can give Activision a run for it's money its gotta be EA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanto View Post
    This is exactly how I felt about RIFT... that and the grind to level cap was HORRENDOUS (even though I dropped before I reached it, 46/50). Felt like 1-60 in Vanilla, if not worse.
    I feel like this is a representation of something bad and not something good. I'm not defending Rift's case, but despite the obvious mediocrity that WoW also suffers from at almost gross standards... I digress. The spoiled gamer concept has really whispered through the gaming community as a whole and only few barely made a distinction as to the passing of what the words merit or patience mean. Those that do say something get chewed out for it by the sheep grazing idly on Blizzard's wilting pasture- sure it's still the largest and it beats chewing on the dirt that lies heaped around it, but really, how long can you go on with defending something that's awful because you're comparing it to other things that are awful. If that went over your head, respective reader, I'm calling you out for being a lazy, mindless part of the herd that merely wants gratification for a measly sense of effort that you betrayed yourself into thinking was actually rewarding and not just some pitchforked meal of recycled material. Those that would call "haters" sheep for "hating" are feeding the very source of bland game design and careless disregard for true gamers. It's more surprising that people have actively decided to pursue this terrible mind-rot experience in general, let alone lay quiet and subservient about it. You pay them to provide you substantial content every month, get it every six and more often than not the change is really just the same thing you've been doing for the last seven years with a slightly tweaked story that feels like they've given up trying to write, only it's all easy enough for an eight year old to accomplish and ridicule you for it.

    I'm not sure how TOR will fit in with that design. I'm assuming more of the same old experience with a different motor, just one pasture over. I passed up my chance to play the Beta for Skyrim and honestly don't mind that decision a bit, considering in this game I don't have to sift through the dozen morons posting memes in Trade as I wait for my timer to go off that lets me play the boring, linear, repetetive game I pay for. You have set your standards very, very... very low if you're fine with that. This is in the vague hope that TOR doesn't become a clone.
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    Funny u can tell most of the ppl who havnt played beta, they are most of the ppl saying it might not be fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by etubrutei View Post
    um not to be a jerk or troll or anything but who cares in reality no one will miss you when you leave ps you will be back in 5 months
    Sorry, just for clarification, which part of this sentence wasn't you being a Jerk/Troll? Was it the um?

    On topic: I paid 15$ to IGN for a beta invite then got a free one 3 days later from Joystiq :'( Now it just needs to kick in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    As declining sub numbers indicate, this fail argument truly is fail.
    As having ten times more subs then its competitors still, your argument is fail too.

    WoW has been top for seven years. People leave for other games, and then come back. We know this. Stop pulling things out of your rear.


    Why are you posting this on the Star Wars forum? Do you really think anyone here gives a crap that you left WoW? If you like Star Wars, that's great. So what's the need of a post? Justification? A pat on the back? A 'well done son!' comment?

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    I quit WoW as well for SWTOR.

    Now, if only I could find a warcraft raiding guild rerolling SWTOR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozires View Post
    it was so much fun, I actually watched him level a charachter in an mmo for ~8 hours. When's the last time anyone wanted to do that?
    At the end of BC I watched a guy do the Deathknight starting quests for ~2 hours. That was the last time. And I miss being that excited about something in WoW (I quit better part of a year ago).

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    Oh and BTW I'll mention as a follow up to my last post, cause I am NOT in the same boat on this.

    MoP I believe will be 5x better than this trash of an expansion was. I love Pandaren, though I think Blizzard went full retard on me, and decided to go kung fu panda with them, making them extra fat blobs, instead of that "wide-built/bulked" PANDAREN (not pandas) they used to be. They made it a lil too jokey and childish "They are the types who will fight it out then have a beer afterwards"... please STFU.

    Regardless of my last rambling paragraph on how I think they degraded Pandaren to me, I still think they coo' dude and MoP will be Kickass compared to before and maybe all other expansions... but still WoW is WoW, they might need to change a shitload more things about this game(in MoP) before I really consider returning myself.

    I'd like to see (many) in game or unlockable by in game cinematics,
    -combat+(unique)boss fight themed music (different than static zone music I never listen to anyways cause its slow and old not fitting to war and fighting),
    -Loosening or eliminating of the trinity system(don't BS me Tanks and healer wills till exist->not required), -end-game solo/duo content,
    -serious 1v1 and 2v2 balance (it doesn't have to be anywhere close to perfect but some semblance of it, not Rock, paper, scissors),
    -Dynamic events and NPCs with shtuff like world bosses, all random, roaming, raiding towns,
    -challenging quests with kick ass mobs+ elites, hopefully designed with solo-capable in mind.

    Hell maybe much more but that's a heck of a start.
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    Red face

    Like every other WoW killer...Maybe SWTOR has an actual good chance to survive as an MMO. I just finished the beta this weekend and while I was not "blown away", I definitely had a good time playing it. But when people say that WoW will die from another MMO, that's bogus. Look at all the other MMOs that killed WoW like everyone else said they would.

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