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    I also said goodbye to WoW the other day. I had not logged on for 3 weeks and decided to cancel before my account was due to renewal. I've been waiting for SWTOR for half a decade now and I knew that I would quit whatever game I'd be playing for it.

    So here we are. I am quitting WoW for SWTOR but ALSO I'm quitting WoW because it is nothing what it used to be and what I fell in love with. I've been playing Warcraft since WC1 and I have absolutely loved the lore and the characters in it. But now the introduction of pandas and pokemon pet battles just pushed me over the limit. I've had it. The lore what I used to love so much has been declining immensely recently so I just can't shrug it off anymore.

    My 7 years of playing WoW is done. And it is done forever. If they ever decide to develop Warcraft IV, I'll be first in line to buy it but the MMO part of Warcraft is over for me. I have many fantastic memories of WoW and I'll always keep them with me. It has been a great game and I only wish it the best.

    But SWTOR, here I fucking come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corjha View Post
    K bye. There is a good chance that we will see you again. All of you.

    Just like we saw with


    Did I miss any?

    Simply making a prediction of past events.
    Terrible prediction. The circumstances surrounding those games and their performance doesn't apply to SWTOR.

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    cu in MoP. at the latest

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    All these people claiming to be leaving wow for SWTOR and GW2 remind me of when I was a kid back in Oklahoma.
    There was this dumb shit that just got in his car one day and drove off to Califorina.
    We were all like, he'll be back, this place is so cool, they all come back.
    But he never did, probably failed so bad he's afraid to show his face.
    Anyway, with the internet we can track him down now and see how fail he is..... anyone heard of a dope named Brad Pitt from Oklahoma?
    PST me in wow if you got any info. I'll be Kung fu panad-ing a pokemon in the butt.
    Well when I get off work that is, gotta pull 8 hour days driving the maneur spreader.

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    It is so funny how WoW quitters are getting comments like "You'll be back in 5 months. See you in MoP at the latest."

    You know more people have QUIT WoW than CURRENTLY there are playing? Do you understand what I'm saying from that sentence or do I need to explain it even further since some of you might be lacking in the understanding department?
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    This game has that effect on people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanto View Post
    This is exactly how I felt about RIFT... that and the grind to level cap was HORRENDOUS (even though I dropped before I reached it, 46/50). Felt like 1-60 in Vanilla, if not worse.
    It was about the same as vanilla 1-60. That is how leveling should be. Some ppl are lazy and shouldn't play mmo I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malevolentmuse View Post
    No kidding. I turned chat off completely in WoW because of all the idiots on Trade and General. Not once did I see the same time of idiotic behavior during the Beta and I played on multiple servers and different classes There is no way Bioware just happened to be that lucky.
    What servers did you play on?!?!

    Generalizing an entire group based on a few idiots is never an accurate representation of the whole, but I can share things from a different perspective.

    My WoW server has some stupid stuff in trade chat every now and then, but nothing I can't just tune out and only pay attention to the things I want to see. Also, I'm not usually in town long enough to see/care what's going on there. I basically only log on to raid on my main or level/dungeon/raid on alts.

    My 2 weekend Beta servers for SWTOR on the other hand were LOADED with people ripping on wow, other people, or the beta itself! On the Empire side (playing the warrior/inquisitor starting zone) I had LOTS and lots of people just being jerks in general, I think they were RPing a little too well... haha. I did have some very good experiences with other people though when grouping up, and especially playing in the ranged peoples starting zones on both sides.

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    If you say goodbye like this you'll come back. There's actually no need to say goodbye .

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    Got skyrim from the store yesterday, just started playing it but I know I'm not attending some stupid raid tonight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    I found myself unable to escape WoW for good, so I used my last resort. Sold my account to the chinaman and never looked back. After playing beta for SWTOR, I still have no regrets. Bounty Hunter it is then!

    ...and after skimming this forum I don't think, and don't quote me, that anyone is saying anything is going to kill WoW. The Only thing that will kill WoW is WoW itself, and it already had a headtsart with that when Cata launched. The Pandas, in comparison, were like getting hit in the back of the head with a steel pipe and then the assailant kicking you in the nuts afterwards. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by malevolentmuse View Post
    Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I have a baby coming in January. I don't have time (nor will I have the money) for two MMOs. Sometimes there's a backstory to why someone does something.
    How about something positive in the flame war this is about to become! Congrats on the baby!!!

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    I said my good byes before Rift, tho I don't play Rift anymore I certainly wouldnt go back to WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malevolentmuse View Post
    I played all weekend on the beta test and I am so hooked I literally pouted when the beta was over. I'm a years-long avid WoW player who planned to play both games or at least keep both accounts active. Not anymore. Pandas opened the door, TOR pushed me out. Anyone else decide to give WoW the official heave-ho after this past weekend?
    I don't have enough fingers to count the amount of games that looked promising on beta only to be absolute crap. We'll see you back soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    People find joy in letting everyone know they're quitting. So they can hear other people tell them that it's okay. They're questioning their decision.
    So true, I have no idea why people do this to justify their actions.

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    I left WoW in April and after playing Tor Beta, I know I made the right decision. Thank for the memories WoW but can't say I miss you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilim View Post
    It is so funny how WoW quitters are getting comments like "You'll be back in 5 months. See you in MoP at the latest."

    You know more people have QUIT WoW than CURRENTLY there are playing? Do you understand what I'm saying from that sentence or do I need to explain it even further since some of you might be lacking in the understanding department?
    Yes show me how that is.
    I need at least 2 graphs and less attitude!
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    Why would I quit WoW for ToR if I can just change between the two whenever I want? I don't get this mentality from some people that "WoW is gone forevaaaahh" because a new MMO stood up. Are you really that shallow or poor that you can't just play both whenever you feel like it?

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    If its because of SWTOR dont have that much high hopes on it, youll be back eventually!
    "Blizzard is not incompetent or stupid and they are not intentionally screwing you over"

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    i stopped playing 7 months ago. my best friend has the beta, played for 10 minutes and remember why i quit.

    wow got to easy, yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

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