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    Another HoM question

    Not sure if its been asked, but its something I've been wondering( I might have even asked it...not sure at this point)

    Well, my guild wars 1 account was given to me by a friend a long time ago, he had to quit playing mainly due to his location/new internet, that gave him extremely high latency on any online game. Its been several years now, and neither of us have access to the email account used for that. Still have password/log in information for the GW account, but not the email.

    So I've been worried about the HoM, since its account based. If I can't access the email tied to it, how would I be able to link the accounts? I do have The boxes+game codes for Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North, so maybe proof of that may help, but I'm not sure. Just worried that my bit of work(20 on the progress meter) will be wasted due to this, and wondering if they have addressed this kinda thing at all.

    Any information about it at all in this case, or what?

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    Can't you reset the password for the e-mail account?

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    Is the account tied to an NCsoft Master Account? If so, then that's what you would use to tie your GW1 account to your new GW2 game.

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    Your best bet is probably contacting Support and asking about it. Though I wouldn't mention you're not the original owner of the account...

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    I did this about a week ago with my old GW account I hadnt used in 4-5 years. I had no access to the old email account, wasnt even sure which email account it was, didnt have it linked to an NCSoft master account, etc. What I did was sent customer support and email (They no longer handle account recovery claims over the phone, email support was very fast though) and gave them the original CD key of my account. They sent me another message that they needed to know what email account it may have been registered as so I gave them a list of my old email accounts. One of them was the correct one so they sent me a new email with the correct email address and reset the password for me.

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