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    New to Disc: can I get a few pointers?

    So, I am in a guild that is 6/7 heroic (who isn't! Ha!) and I got asked to go Disc instead of being Shadow, which I was not expecting. I have been on hiatus for about 5 months, and I was gearing up for Shadow as I came back ever so slowly. I had previously raided as a Resto Shaman- 2.1-4.1, for anyone who cares. I'm getting the hang of it, I think, but I'm looking for some of the more advanced Disc priests out there to help me out a bit.

    Here's my armory. I know I'm in Shadow Spec, but trust me, I'm a Disc priest :P Also, I have DMC: Tsunami that I can replace the Alchemist Stone with; I'm just not sure which one is better. Also, also I know I have the wrong wand; like I said, I thought I was gonna be Shadow over Disc.


    Any tips on my spec/reforging/gemming would be much appreciated.

    So, on the pull, I make sure to shield our MT and our OT. As the fight starts, I pop a few Prayers of Mending and Prayers of Healing to get Divine Aegis spread around, making sure to try and keep up PoM through the fight. I Penance on CD, of course, as a spot heal. Also through the fight, I make sure to try and maintain PW:S on our tanks and whomever may be standing in stuff (Rogues!), whilst throwing around Greater Heals on those that have Weakened Soul (especially the tanks). All the while, I'm using PoH and PoM (PoH with Inner Focus). I'm still a bit... unsure when to effectively use Power Infusion, so I try to use it when I don't forget about it, haha (that's terrible, I know :T). When bosses go crazy, or the shit hits the fan, I use Pain Supp on whomever is tanking whatever. I use Barrier when people need to stack up. Should I be using it more often? I'm unsure when to use Hymn of Hope (the mana one- can't remember if this is the mana one or the healy one). Is all of this semi-right? I've read the guides on here, EJ, and a few other sources, but there's nothing like the help of the community when one's read the guides and still needs a bit of help.
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    I don't claim to be the be-all and end-all source for all your discipline priest needs, but I like to think I've learned a few things since I started using the spec, so here goes.

    I currently have an Atonement spec but I just got the trinket from Firelands that procs an instant heal on the lowest-health party/raid member from your healing spells, so I may follow your suit and take the Strength of Soul build instead.

    First of all, talent-wise I think you're pretty much spot-on for tank healing. If you're focusing on shields there's probably not much point in taking Archangel as most of your effective healing will come from absorption.

    You've got a decent amount of mastery but if you can I would suggest possibly gemming/reforging into a bit more as mastery is your best stat for shielding after int and spirit. If you don't have any mana issues during fights I would see if you can reforge/regem some spirit into mastery for a bit more kick from your shields.

    Your battle strategy seems to be pretty standard. Generally I use Power Infusion whenever it's off cooldown; might be an idea for you to link it to one of your most-used spells in a macro if you forget to use it. Pain Suppression on the tank during heavy damage spikes is a good idea too. I also save Power Word: Barrier for times when people need to stack and heavy damage is incoming, so you're doing fine on that note. I usually save Hymn of Hope for when people other than myself are running low on mana and I know I'm not going to have to move for the channel duration, otherwise it's a waste. Things like the head phase on Magmaw are good examples of when to use it (I wait for the second phase so that more people are low on mana). Divine Hymn is pretty much an OHCRAP button for when you need quick, big, cheap heals on a lot of people. Save it for emergencies if you can.

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    I suggest reading some existing Disci priest guides in here. I'll try the best that I can to give some tips/guide on my own.

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    Try to only use PW:S every time Rapture is up UNLESS someone is probably going to die without it's intervention (most of the times if they're probably about to die a shield won't save them). This ensures maximum mana return from shields without wasting mana. Don't shield BOTH tanks pre-pull as only one will (I hope ;s) be tanking the boss. Alternate the shield each rapture proc based on who is the bosses target at the time.

    When you get to a comfortable gear level you can happily reforge away from spirit into other secondary stats. I'm 6/7 HC too and running with ~2K Spirit with Tsunami at 5 stacks (waiting for HC Jaws to drop).

    Power Infusion is great for phases when you'll have to spame heal. Examples being P2 on Rhyo and Beth. Also quite nifty for getting quick stacks on a tormented target if you spam Flash Heal at the beginning. (I do this as we have a Spriest, if it's wrong please do correct me).

    Inner Focus on CD is important - I have its icon pop up on my screen with Power Auras when it's available because of it's every changing CD when using Greater Heal a lot (you should it's really quite mana efficient - especially if you have access to 6/7HC gear)

    If you're tank healing crit/mastery are great stats but if you're 2 healing the fights a good blend of crit/mastery/haste is useful as you'll more likely be Free-for-all healing the raid throughout heavy AoE phases. Unless you run with a stupidly good Resto Druid.

    I have a lot more tips if you want them just inbox me.

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    You might want to have more spirit for the time you learn how to use rapture effectively. 2200 could be a good start and then you lower it to a level where you are comfortable. Use ingela's rapture addon to track your rapture, maximize mana return and don't overuse PW:S if your tight on mana.

    Use your hymn when you have downtime (specific on each combat) and call it to the other healers or macro a /y. Be sure to pop shadowfiend before it to maximize mana return. If you still struggle with mana, you can put those 2 points in veiled shadows and use SF on set times in fights, but that shouldn't be necessary.

    Be sure not to waste Borrowed time when shielding people.

    Use Power infusion on heavy damage / spammy phases. The more often the better. If you see that you can easily manage without it or you forget it too often, tell one of your dps to have a macro to ask for it. I assure you DPS won't forget it ^^

    I try to PoH only if I will hit al least 4 players. Maybe 3 is ok*. I use a cluster finder to do that (Grid and Vuhdo can do that). Most of the time it's not a good thing to use PoH only to put on DA. Be sure to arrange groups before the encounter to make your PoH effective.

    As disc, you will prefer throughput trinket (INT) instead of SPI ones.

    GL with your new role!

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