Thread: is this a scam?

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    is this a scam?

    hello there! i recently got a email from Starwars the old republic, saying that i received an weeked beta key.

    now, i have gotten about a thousand of these, all being obvius scams, but im not sure about this one. it knows my starwars profile name, no obvius errors, it got bioware, luca's art, etc etc, signs. there are no "please state your password" links anywhere - infact all it got a link to is the rules of the NBA of the beta. all in all - it actually looks legit.

    but im not certain... so - im gonna post a picture of the email, with my profile name removed ofc, and my question to you guys is: do you think that this email is legit?

    thanks in advance!

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    bioware has been stress testing this last weekend so its quite possible it is legit.

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    Everyone who signed up to beta test is being invited to the (most likely) final beta test before release. This is mainly to stress test the servers to make sure it can handle the approx. 1 million people who pre ordered the game. They will most likely announce the date 3-4 days prior to weekend test, so you have time do download the game. It is near 30 Gigabytes in size. The wording on most posts by Mods on the Swtor Forums indicate it will be THIS month, so if you havent heard anything by.. oh say thursday morning 11/17/11, then it will be hosted the following weekend after Thanksgiving.
    I could be wrong, and Bioware delays the beta... its really whenever they want it, up to Dec. 9th-11th weekend.
    Be sure to start your download asap, so that if there are any issues, you get them corrected prior to it starting at 7Pm server on whatever friday they activate it.
    I know i want as much time as possible to play.

    Also, for those of you not aware.. Most major gaming website will be practically giving away beta keys for the same weekend as well, to make sure there is adequate stress on servers. MMO even has quite a few to give away if you havent seen the front page yet...

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    It's legit just hang on and you shall see

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    the same wow rules apply to swotor. copy the itom code. but don't click on any links in the email. go to my account and put it in. can't go wrong with that.

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    Everyone who has been signed up for Beta from before the 11th of November is getting into a massive future weekend. Everyone. So it could be that. But just leave it until they announce further details. You can go to as well!

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