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    My coming Discipline priest

    Hello everyone.
    I've recently started to level a priest which i've played as all 3 speccs. But i have decided at last that i find Discipline the most funny specc and that's the one I want to play at level 85. So i was just wondering what are the stats i shall go for and what specc and so on?

    So, here's what i need help with:

    1.a, What talent-build should i go for? I'm currently using a specc: 31/6/4. With atonement healing. The problem isn't where to put the ones in Discipline points. The points is.. Where do i put the rest of the 10 points?

    1.b, Which glyph's should i be using?

    What i do wonder as discipline priest the most, is what stats shall i use? Some people say: "You've got to have loads of spirit!", while some people argues, "Spirit is worthless, you must have mastery so your bubbles are OP!", some people argue that haste is better and some people argue that all are equal etc, etc. You get the point. So was i was wondering:

    2.a, What/which stat(s) shall i be going for?

    2.b, I'm mostly going to heal a few hardmodes and clear normal in firelands every week. If it makes any difference i'm going to heal 10 man, and not 25 man.

    I must say that i also love to "twink" my characters, meaning when i get to 85 i love having loads of epics just laying there waiting so i can directly go into the Zandalari heroics without doing the normal ones.

    3. Are there any items you'd recommend me getting which are kind of not to expensive and are worth it. I thought of Darkmoon Card Tsunami, The Valor Point Bracers with Haste+Spirit on, The mace from Blacksmithing 365 ilvl with mastery+spirit.

    Any tips would be awesome. Thank you very much!

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    Discipline Priest, help with talents & stats

    Hi there. A few weeks ago i started to level a Priest from scratch. While leveling i've discovered that Discipline is the far most fun specc to play and that's what i am going to play at level 85 when i finally get there in a few days. So I decided to look up some facts which stats shall i go for, what specc shall I have? So i decided to look up on ElitistJerks and MMO and other places but i didn't find very good responces that talked to Me in person. So I figured; Why not make a topic here and hope that i get some answers that are directed to me?

    Here's what you'll need to know: I want to play as discipline with the Atonement part of the Discipline tree at level 85. And i was wondering which points should i prioritize and which points shall to ignore. I have no idea what stats i should go for since everyone keeps saying different; "Haste is better, Mastery is better, Spirit is better" And apparently some people says Crit! is better!

    Here's what i would want help with:
    Find a talent-tree that I can use to heal with (Atonement) and what stats should i go for when I get to level 85? I am going to heal some Altruns in 10 man Firelands with 2-3 heroic kills etc. So What stats and what tree should i be using?

    That's all i wondered. Some answers would be awesome, Thanks!

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    I'd recommend you actually look at our Sticky Threads for help on this.

    Like perhaps [Priest] Discipline Healing Guide for New Raiders.
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