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    Question Can't pick a class..... haaalp!

    I Hate tanking, and I am 50/50 on healing. Seems like if your a dps class that can heal your group/guild ALWAYS wants you to spec healing. So my class choices are between from most interested to least:

    1. Marauder (Currently underpowered, but awesome feel & look)
    2. Mercenary (Easy solo'ing, currently OP)
    3. Sniper (Great ranged DPS that I want in PvP)
    4. Operative (I like the balance between dps & healing)

    I plan to quest, do some flashpoints, and lots of PvP. Most likely no raiding for me, don't have the time. I don't really care if I am melee or ranged, although its hard to pass up a lightsaber.

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    Try each of them and go with the one you like playing best. The feel of playing each of the classes is quite different so only first hand experience is going to help you.

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