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    Black Temple and Hyjal.

    Hello fellow Priests, I just had a quick question.
    How much of Hyjal and BT can a Spriest solo? If any at all?

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    I have soloed Hyjal as shadow. Takes quite some time and you really need to pay attention to D&D from the first boss (% HP based) but otherwise, aside from taking a lot of time, it's quite easily doable. Archimonde can be a problem if you don't do enough damage due to his enrage timer but if you're T11-12 geared you should be able to do it.
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    I think the only fight in BT that might be difficult is Council. They can be annoying sometimes. All the other fights should be good. I haven't done it because I have some friends who are working on getting transmog gear and we do it together; but it deff should be possible.

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    First boss iN BT Najentus is supposed to be unsoloable but I just dualbox another toon for the spines. The real brickwall is on Reliquary of Souls. All of Hyjal can be easily soloed.

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