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    I hope that Vanguard has decent Dps, I plan to spec Tactics on my trooper I know it's silly to play a ranged class and spec Melee..but...but... Stockstrike! It amuses me to play a big beefy guy with a freakin BFG.. and then use it as basically a baseball bat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raarup View Post
    Nop, he just said that recount killed the "fun" part of games.

    if it wont support addons, fine - people will just use combatlog or whatever it was you used in eq1/eq2 ect. even some time in rift.
    There are two reasons you won't see a Recount addon in ToR at launch:

    1 - There is no addon programming API in the game yet.
    2 - Bioware has not implemented combat logging yet.

    Bioware has stated that both will be addresses post launch, so while they will not be in the game at launch, you can expect that they will be added into the game at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripplebooya View Post
    How do you not like a weapon that automatically makes a trooper using it a total bad ass by the shear fact he can not only carry that thing but effectively use it in battle?
    Because my opinion =/= your opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KvanCetre View Post
    Well, think of it this way then... why would the healing AC do more dps than the tank AC?
    Both are also dps AC's (like every other AC), I'm asking to make sure it's not tailored to the fact of big guns > small guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroEdgeir View Post
    All the classes that have a Tank or Healing role (Troopers can tank in Vanguard, and heal in Commando), have 2 other talent trees in their Advanced Class that are for DPS.

    So yes, you will be able to DPS just fine. with a Blaster Rifle as a Vanguard, instead of the Assault Cannon the Commando uses.

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    SW:TOR doesn't support addons for launch, period, let alone beta.
    Thanks for the reply friend =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dacu View Post
    Both are also dps AC's (like every other AC), I'm asking to make sure it's not tailored to the fact of big guns > small guns.
    Actually from what ive seen or read all AC have at least a second role, there is no pure dps in swtor, all AC are hybrid and should never suffer a tax because another class cant do the y role so those one should have a bigger dps.

    I personally think this thread should be locked, there is nothing we can say anymore without breaking the NDA and class balance is still in progress so everything is subject to change thats why we have an NDA, not to get another "Path of the titan" fiasco with people crying its not in-game and it changed.

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    [QUOTE=Bane Falcon;14234185]What some people enjoy the most is playing whatever does the most damage.

    Also: Are people really arguing about having a giant fucking weapon? O__o[COLOR="red"]

    hell ya, its Commander Shepard with a huge cannon =P

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