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    Vanilla 1.12.1 realm on official servers! What do u think?

    Hi, i really dont like Pandas :-/ i REALLY want Vanilla realm on offi servers. It would be great What do u think lovers of Classic WoW? 40man naxxramas forever

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    I want a age-lock on these forums.

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    Great idea! I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned before! /endsarcasm

    This has been suggested billions (literally) of times, there's been a large number of blue posts about it, yet you still feel the need to make another thread about it?

    Classic/TBC/Wrath servers would never work.

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    It has been said 100000000 million times by Blizzard that there will never be servers like that, "40man Naxx forever" sounds cool now, but in 1 month when you got it all cleared, what then?

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    search the freaking forum we had this thread a thousand times by now...

    besides, if you are too lazy to look it up, those 999 other threads about this subject never recieved much love, so you are maybe not alone, but in a vast minority with you wish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    I want a age-lock on these forums.
    Stupid comment is stupid.
    but on topic: id love to see a server like that, but bliz has said so many times that it will never happen.

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    yeah it would be really fun playing those few raids over, and over, and over again. I'm sure everyone will love that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Throk View Post
    Hi, i really dont like Pandas :-/ i REALLY want Vanilla realm on offi servers. It would be great What do u think lovers of Classic WoW? 40man naxxramas forever
    That would be so sweet with all the broken specs and tank and spank fights!

    Sarcasm over, no thanks, terrible idea.

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    There isn't enough of the playerbase who would remain interested in something like this for it to be worth keeping an entirely separate official server for it. I miss those days too, but it's better to look forward than back, don't you think?

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    Yeah let's go back to farming 15 hour raids for 2 items to drop per boss for 40 people that are also class specific and provide no competitive or productive means of entertainment in the game outside of raids and non-cross-server BG queues that take between 1-2 hours to queue pop if you're lucky, and then face and play with the exact same 15-20 players on both teams every game, who will also be in greens/blues because the only way to obtain viable PvP gear was to raid or spend the hundreds of hours grinding non-stop to make Grand marshal/High Warlord. Oh and don't forget completely nonsensical gear choices like plate tank gear with spirit and druid leather healing gear with strength and agility.

    Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I really am confused why people long for Vanilla so much. For me, at least, I would not even be able to play the game. I don't have 2 hours to devote to forming and running a sloppy 5-man that yields no valuable gear, or another 2 hours to devote to 1 BG. Only reason I could at the time was because I was a 15 year old kid with no responsibilities and unlimited time and desire to play.

    But! To each their own I suppose.

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    Folk asking for Vanilla servers clearly never played in Vanilla

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    Even if they do it, it wouldn't be bad for the game. If we go back to Vanilla it will absolutely NEVER be the same again. The fresh and everything new feeling won't be there.
    Is not like we would go back in the time, we would just move back to the places. People who is missing now won't be there again.. those who were rogues and now are priests won't be rogues again. There won't be wipes discovering things and there won't be a point to explore the world.

    Sometimes it's better to let something stay in the past. I personally rather remember the good times of this game as they were than try to get them back and screw it.

    A part of all of us always stays back in the time, as the same time that we regenerate that part to leave it in the incoming events in our lives. If we now go back, we'll just destroy that part of us, and the good memories will die.

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    I loved Vanilla.. Majority of my fondest memories of the game stems from there!
    But I'd never want it back...

    There are plenty of things i'd love to see return (mainly ideals), but reverting back entirely? No way. In pure gameplay perspectives, Vanilla was horrible compared to today.
    Trust me.. I played a Feral Druid. >.<
    (This signature was removed for violation of the Avatar & Signature Guidelines) :-(

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    This topic has been flying around since TBC hit, and they've said no half a thousand times. Maybe it's time to let go.

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