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    t12 2 piece bonus ( heal )

    After playing my priest alt for a bit, i checked out the t12 set boni for the first time. Is it just me or is it very very strong ? Can we say one of the strongest 2 piece boni ever ?

    oh, and btw, does it stack ?

    Off farming more troll heroics, I want that sexy beast of a set bonus now ^^
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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    no it doesn't stack.
    and yeah, it's pretty good.

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    The t11 4 set was a flat 540 spirit bonus, and the t12 2-set was designed with the intend of making it palatable to let the t11 go.

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    Yea it's a great 2 set bonus

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    Ok I ran 7 troll HC's yesterday, now I have the pants. Going for a second piece next week. Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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