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    My main will be a DPS or tank SI Assassin ([email protected] many tanks) but my Republic character will likely be a healer so I can heal as my bro DPS's or tanks. Think he wants to play a gunslinger. I healed in WoW with a druid, and I currently enjoy healing on my Chloromancer in Rift. In the end, what I end up doing will depend on what my brother and sister decide. If there is no tanking among the three of us then I will tank on one of my toons (Assassin or Vanguard). If not, then healing will be on Republic side only (Sage or Commando). As someone who likes DPS classes, I find healing to be a nice change of pace. As long as I have the option to go back to a DPS role from tanking or healing I will do all 3 roles and strive to be awesome at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geronis View Post
    From what I saw healing was almost inneffectual in pvp
    Ok, I hope I'm not going too far with all the NDA-noone-talks-here-thingie but, I believe, that this quote is incorrect.

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    I'm rolling heals first, Consular Sage. I think there will be too many tanks too, every second person wants to roll one, and the "cool" classes all seem to have tank trees. Nothing worse than never getting into groups because there are 4000 dps and 2 heals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geronis View Post
    From my experience talking with healers in the beta weekend healing is VERY difficult, hell one compared it to useing plastic wrap to plug a hole in a boat. From what I saw healing was almost inneffectual in pvp and for flashpoints healers would OOF every other pull and would often OOF about halfway into boss fights.
    Yea, this is why heat is more fun, you can never have too little of it. The closer we get to launch, all the more certain I get that my trooper'll be up to the challenge.
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    Healing is fine. Beta weekend people have no clue. How could they at level 10-20ish. Come on now. We all know you can't really tell until you actually have your talents.

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    On the subject of Bounty Hunter healing:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollsbane View Post
    Healing is fine. Beta weekend people have no clue. How could they at level 10-20ish. Come on now. We all know you can't really tell until you actually have your talents.
    As one of those "beta weekend people", I have to agree. What little I saw was good, but I'll need to wait until release and levelling further than I did to see how my skills will work.

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    Sith Inq healer here. Will have lightning off-spec once it is available.

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    What is ToR? The of Republic? Seriously why do people type it like that? Its so stupid.

    I don't think its going to be that hard to find healers compared to other games.

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    NDA means nothing because I've never played the game, but from all the panels and videos I've seen I gather some of the healing companions should fill in the gaps nicely.

    What is ToR? The of Republic?
    The OLD republic? Most people seem to grasp it pretty easily, even if the small "o" isn't "of".

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    I've been healing in WoW for nearly 5 years (be 5 years next January). Started on a holy paladin in early BC, migrated to a resto shaman by late BC, then picked up a disc priest in WotLK. I've largely kept with the shaman. With that, I'll likely end up healing in TOR, too. Not sure what class I'll heal on to start. Considering either imperial agent or smuggler, though. I'm liking the idea of healing with guns. Was going to tank on a jedi knight or sith warrior, but may just go DPS instead. Waiting for the mass invite beta weekend to hopefully nail down my choice before early access. I keep bouncing around. With my luck, getting into the massive invite beta weekend will only make me that much more indecisive, though.

    I leveled my holy paladin as holy just after BC came out and she was my first toon. Only took me like 4 months to get to 70. Learned my lesson after leveling her and haven't leveled a healer as a healer spec since then. On the plus side, I was really hard to kill on her in PvP and PvE. But I may give it another shot in TOR. Depends how well the companions do and how likely I am to find groups for stuff. If I end up solo until max level, screw leveling as a healer. If I end up grouping a lot due to having a guild or randomly finding groups as I go, I may consider leveling as a healer.

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    I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do in this game, then I read up on Bounter Hunters looking like tanks and healers; tanks I can get to a certain extent, I will never forget that bossfight with that pile of scrap droid bounty hunter in Shadows of the Empire, but a support / healing class?

    Colour me intrigued, it's definitely one way to let people play the roles they love from Star Wars AND fufil an important job you may not assosiate with the stigma of a dual bladed lightsabre or a wrist mounted rocket launcher.
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    I'll be healing in TOR - Smuggler.... Mainly because in my group of friends we don't have any Leather wearing classes and they haven't played MMO's in like 3+yrs and I've been going strong on WoW up until now, so going heals so i can carry them >.>

    I get this feeling that it's going to be like Vanilla WoW in that ALL the healers, republic, are going to be consulars (Priests) ... Not necessarily because Consulars are the best healers like the priests were in vanilla, but simply because Everyone thinks it isn't 'Star Wars' without having a lightsaber :S

    I defs think the way BH/Smuggler ect heal is very 'cooky' but it'll mean if your playing a underplayed class, and your bloody good at it, you will fill a niche and have neverending group oppportunities! I just hope that the Smuggler/BH still gets balanced correctly and is or almost as powerful as your standard Consular class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    On the subject of Bounty Hunter healing:
    This is great, though I'd love a Trooper version with 'Do you hear me private?! We need some healing, ASAP!' 'Roger that sir!' and BOOM!
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    Healing is pretty cool in TOR.
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    I voted yes on the poll because I do believe there will be a lack of healers in the beginning. Because this is star wars and healing isn't really a big thing in the universe. Besides force healing in a safe place maybe in the stories/novels/movies/shows, what do you really see in anything star wars related leaning towards "hey, im a healer"

    Star wars is all about being a fighting machine for the most part, and so thats why i believe you'll see a lack of healers in the beginning.

    Now myself personally, Im going to be a Bounty Hunter mercenary healer because its different. No one thinks of the word bounty hunter and healer in the same sentence. It just sounds weird. But im going to do it cause im very interested in how the mechanics for a BH healer will work, while dual-wielding pistols I can't wait
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    Nope, I won't just for that reason. Just wait a month and the feature will be there.

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    absolutely i am healing. Played the beta twice and each time I was a SI and healed the low lvl flashpoint (Blacktalon I think it was). It was pretty fun. While I need to learn to balance my force a little bit (I tended to run out during boss fights) it was very fun and engaging while not being stressful and button slamming.

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    I can't think of any holy trinity MMO where healers weren't on shortage. You can never have enough of those.
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    I've always just loved healing. Dpsing was never really that much of a challenge and I am terrible at tanking.

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