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    SWTOR topics

    so I was thinking about things to talk about that doesn't screw with the NDA

    so I'm wondering what class everyone is going to play live, and what spec you are going.

    are you going to be a tank, dps, or heals?

    as for me i'm gonna be a healer, as a sith inquistor.

    for me last weekend's beta I enjoyed myself with this class and spec.

    won't go any further for it would mess with the NDA.

    but it caught me by surprised since I didn't like healers in any other game.

    but in this game it was awesome

    well... let me know what your gonna roll and spec

    Sith be with you

    and let the force be with you jedi's... your gonna need it :P

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    There are already a ton of polls with the same questions you are asking. Unfortunately that's about all people can talk about at the moment without breaking the NDA though. Not even sure why they still have an NDA considering so many people have already seen the game, and almost anybody that wants to can get into the next beta test.

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    Yeah, sorry, but these questions are asked multiple times in many threads and just as many already have polls.


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