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    Thyrinar is the bane of my existence.

    So I got to the part of the legendary quest line where you need to kill Thyrinar, and I've had little luck pulling it off. I've read a bunch of guides, set up macros and TellMeWhen icons, bought Prismatic Elixirs, changed my spec and glyphs and I still can't get him below 20%.

    My armory in my makeshift Shadow gear: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...isite/advanced

    I'm not normally shadow, I just picked up the spec because it's the best option for me to go shadow for heroic modes. I haven't raided as a shadow priest since Burning Crusade. Is there any trick I'm missing? I've been dispelling, keeping myself shielded, using MSx3/MB on the adds, but when I get an add at the same time as the breath, it completely screws me.

    Did anyone else have such trouble with this, and if so, what was the change that made it doable for you?

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    I had some issues with it, but I managed to do it without doing anything crazy. Dispel the boss, avoid the breath, and kill the adds. PW:S, POM, and Renew are great ways to heal yourself on the run, but don't be afraid to stop and cast an actual heal on yourself. I found it helpful to switch my focus from damage to healing when I got to 50% HP. If I recall correctly, you can also fear the adds if you need to. And don't forget your buffs. Shadow protection is great here.

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    Dispel and interrupt, really. Get into that PVP spec. And you shouldn't get the add and the breath at the same time, you're probably too slow in killing them.
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    I don't know if you're holy or disc mainspec,
    but I 1 shot it as disc.

    It might be easier as shadow in general, but I'm much more comfortable with disc so that's what I used. I think it'd take me forever to get comfortable enough with shadow to do this quest with that spec.

    edit: I did this quest first on my warlock, and even though I'd read guides, came buffed with flasks and food - the key to my finishing it on my first character was actually watching videos. The guides gave good info but actually seeing someone doing it.......where they stood, when they moved, when they cast what.....was the gamebreaker for me.
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    Only one suggestion, use INNER WILL that fucking fire following shit is a joke.

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    Something that was useful to me with him was I stood just to one side of the ramp so when he breathed on me I would run around the edge and end up back at the top of the ramp and could start killing the adds as they came up it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Something that was useful to me with him was I stood just to one side of the ramp so when he breathed on me I would run around the edge and end up back at the top of the ramp and could start killing the adds as they came up it.
    When I went through this, I changed my spec a little to have as many interupts and Fears available as possible, so changing you spec to include Silence, Psychic Scream and and Horror would be a boon.

    I also changed my glyph of Shadow word death to Power Word: Shield. From there it took me about 4 attempts to get the boss dowm The long cast can be silenced, use the fear on the small adds so you can dot them up and let them die, Power Word: Shield off cooldown(with the extra healing) and kept health at about 50% the whole time.

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    I one shot it the first time I tried it but I had target buffs turned off so I didn't notice his buff - it took about 30 minutes because I could just barely outdps his healing buff. I have done it on two characters now.

    The most important things to keep in mind are in priority below:

    1) Run from fire, it will kill you in a hit or two.
    2) Heal yourself, you will take damage - keep yourself mostly topped off and you will do much better.
    3) Kill adds - they will daze you and then fire will kill you and Phantasm won't remove daze effects.
    4) Dispel his buff - you can put this at higher priority if you are comfortable with the fight - but all the things above this will kill you so only do this if you feel safe - all it does is make the fight take longer.
    5) DPS the boss.

    Arlee's positioning recommendation is really useful as well. Personally I did it in pve spec with no silence or horror and 30 second fears, since I was prioritizing killing the adds (spike, spike, blast, death) I only used fears if I had an add up during the fire (and then didn't hurt them) because the daze is a killer. Only use dispersion if you are caught in fire, use fiend / wings / masochism to keep your mana up - and shield yourself on cooldown.
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