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    Pre-order Help

    Hey guys I have Pre-ordered the game from gamestop and I take it they ran out of codes so I am going to go cancel the pre-order there and go and do it directly from orgin would they still have codes and if not would I still get early access also is there any place that you know of that would still have codes or have I screwed around and waited to long?

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    Origin should still have preorder codes. They won't sell you the preorder if they don't.

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    from different forums I've seen most places are actually out of pre order codes. last I heard Wal Mart still had some though.

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    we're unsure as of now how much early access one will get. It all depends on how much their servers can hold. They want to spread out the early access starting. SO, unless tens of thousands pre-order after you put in your code, I wouldn't get my hopes up for more than 1 day.
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    Yeah, the people who pre ordered earliest are the ones who will get the most time in the early launch, kind of suck, have been looking forward to this game for a while but didnt actually do the pre order until october. So im hoping for 2 days at the most.

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    If they don't have codes then they cannot say you will 100% have a copy on launch day from my understanding. Each store has a certain amount of pre order boxes that look like your averafe PC game box that contains the code. These boxes also represent how much stock they have for pre order and launch day. My friend was told by GAME in the UK here that because they had no boxes left, he would not be garunteed to have the game by launch?

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    I am going with Origin, or perhaps trying my luck in a local shop on the day.
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