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    for a balance druid those items are poorly itemized, Crit on boots and mastery on belt / wrist (ilvl410 only available options) i wish there was at least an haste item.... :/

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    Looks like Moonkins get the shaft. Poor Stat choices, and no item to break our five pieces of tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koloss View Post
    With this behaviour never loot an item, because after some moths it will be nothing. Or never take a shower because you will be dirty next day.
    I think it is a valid point though, the loot will be replaced very quickly in MOP if they keep with the CATA model where there is an ilevel requirement just to enter a normal mode instance. That being said, the reason why the statement is valid is because far too many people put way too much importance on who has access to what gear when in the end it only matters for a few months.

    Really, people are arguing over who can dress their virtual barbie in her latest beach ware, omg is so not fair she gets to put the Tier 16 oo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses on!, it is clear she only deserves the Janta 180s

    Really, some people get incredibly silly about gear that has a life span of months and of which thousands others have it too and your doubtful to ever meet the people you claim don't deserve it. After all those people probably have real friends
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    The other hybrids have a 416 item for armor, Druid Casters don't. Poor itemization for Moonkins, no item to break the five pieces of tier. Looks like a poor tier for moonkins. Not great anyway.

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    ROLF @ 410/417 ilevel epics

    Item squish WILL HAPPEN that is for sure, 'cause I do not believe that we will have greens & blues at 450 - 500+ ilevel range in MoP

    Expect to see a a 300 ilevel drop in pre MoP patch for Cata gear!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybudd33 View Post
    All the news I'm seeing is raid raid raid, raid bosses, raid gear, raid mechanics for 4.3 what about the 5 mans, why have I not seen any information on the 5 mans, their bosses, and their loot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendoman View Post
    You do have a point, they could buff it..
    At the moment its an absolute joke, 80% of the groups are premades who have never raided before, I saw a resto druid reforging expertise the other day, yet the encounters are taking faceroll to a new level, the amount of mechanics that are removed make the encounters beyond 'Tuned for new raiders' and more aimed at 'Tuned for severely brain damaged individuals'

    Personally I hope they do buff it.
    LOL mate :-)))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggy View Post
    Just transmog the bow/xbow to a gun... done
    I am a dwarf hunter. That just doesnt cut it. It's not the bang I'm after, its the crits!

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    yet again Blizzard puts in a spell DPS dagger with no spell dps off hand... whats the point blizzard at least if you going to put a dagger put an off hand. otherwise its a worthless drop to get the dagger as a DPS caster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xapphire View Post
    So I guess they decided Pally's don't need to get a mainhand from the raid?

    EDIT: Ahhh nevermind, the list has it marked down as spell dps.
    Where? Cannot find where it is! Hope here is a BS one aswell or I am gunna lose rolles on it till the end of time!

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    Maw of the Dragonlord, mace for healers, 403 in reg, 416? I believe? In heroic.

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    1: O hi there no good gear for Bear tanks. again. thanks for that whole design idea blizzard.... good to see my bear will have haste on every piece, whitch is a completely wasted stat for bears. should i switch to another tank that you people are not constantly trying to rectally wreck now?
    2: i see the fanboys are drawing pandas in force now.

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    Pally Mainhand Heal

    Quote Originally Posted by Frizmanny View Post
    Where? Cannot find where it is! Hope here is a BS one aswell or I am gunna lose rolles on it till the end of time!
    Assuming you mean for heals, Maw of the Dragonlord. Pretty sweet proc on it, and it's from the 'Deathwing' fights. I think there's another, but there's no Swords or Axes that could be utilized.

    Bit annoying, but at least there won't be DPSers rolling on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterpan007 View Post
    Thank you for the link!

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    Boub, you have Maw of the Dragonlord listed as SPELL DPS when the equip says healing

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    Not seeing a viable tank weapon here...

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    I have one request: Could everyone that feels letdown about their particular spec and the new raid gear itemization PLEASE go to: ptr . wowhead . com ; search for "valor point" click the "purchased with" tab; sort by item level (ignore the current tier content) and look at the FULL SETS OF GEAR offered that way. If after that, you don't find what you need, come back here and post "OMG BLWIZZARD HAETS ME CLASS!" Thank you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crixus View Post
    Not seeing a viable tank weapon here...
    i don't tank, but wouldn't souldrinker fit that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crixus View Post
    Not seeing a viable tank weapon here...
    " Written by: MasterDinadan - Today

    Quote Originally Posted by Topdog View Post
    erm...... Not sure if this has been brought up, but where is the 1H Tank wep and if the Souldrinker is said wep then i'm honestly disapointed.....
    Depending on the proc rate, Souldrinker could actually be very good for tanking. I would give it to a tank before giving to a DPS as the proc would be even more wasted for them.

    Edit - Some quick napkin math indicates that ~two procs per minute would make this sword competitive with an equal level sword itemized with avoidance stats. Since warrior and paladin tanks will easily be CTC by this point, probably without even having to gem avoidance, I don't see any issue with losing the avoidance in one item slot. If it brings you below CTC, just regem mastery until you are back up again. The only way they could make he sword especially attractive is load it up with a ton of stamina, and that isn't going to happen. "

    with a 15% (hear-say) proc rate and no ICD (also hear-say) This would suffice. think outside the box... man! :-p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakamae View Post
    You have to include Tier tokens as boss drop gear....and according to wowhead, all FIVE tier pieces have spirit on them for healers. Not to mention the ring and neck and OH that are all spirit haste. If you think Blizzard is failing Holy Priests, you are very mistaken.

    On another note, on the PTR, Mor'chok was dropping tier tokens in 10 man normal. It's not listed here. Was that a glitch, or just a miss by MMO?
    No, Blizzard is shafting Holy Priests again and he is not "very mistaken".

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaddParker View Post
    I'm so happy that you are taking this loot table and thinking that these are the only epics in the game. Valor points give you plenty of options to choose from. Sorry they couldn't accomodate your personal need for only raid drops in 4.3. Peace and we won't miss you, if you actually decide to leave the game.
    The model this game follows is that bosses drop loot. If they choose to move from this then it should effect everyone - though a drop in raiders would be the inevitable outcome. So in light of this why should 1 class have less drops simply because they cba to make the raid big enough? VP gear is nice ofc but I perfer raiding rather than grinding for gear. Maybe I should roll a Holy Paladin and enjoy the loot fruit machine they play every raid.

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