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    S. priest without DI

    Hey guys.

    My question is, is S. priest competative in raids without DI, is our raidsetup crippeling me or am i doing something wrong?
    On bosses like Shannox i do about 22k dps and on Raggy with trapduty i do about 18-19k.
    Our raid is usually made up by me, 2-3 pallys, 2-3 druids, one mage, 1-2 hunters and 1-2 warrs.
    We are a casual guild and dont have the luxury of chosing who goes on raid.

    I am tracking trinket proccs, keep my buffs up as much as possible and have a good uptime on dots.
    I have no good WOL since the officer who manages that hasent been playing for a few weeks.

    My gear is getting pretty good and i feel like i should be doing much better than i am doing.
    I will be getting 4 set bonus next week, can i expect a big boost then?
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    DI is nice to have, but it's not a serious crutch if it's not available to you. Spriests still do perfectly competitive DPS without DI. Unfortunately for me, I don't get DI in my raid when I'm shadow since our main shadow priest gets it, and I still do competent DPS (albeit lower than the other spriest's of course, not to mention he has a staff >=[)

    Your gear definitely looks like it's in a decent place right now (in terms of reforging, stats, etc). The 4 piece bonus will indeed give a good boost. I'm not exactly a number cruncher so I don't know how much of a DPS increase it is, but it's 100% worth getting (if you're feeling hesitant at all about it).

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    DI is a awesome for a Spriest. But so is four piece. Currently in my raiding team, we have two Spriests, and one Warlock.

    The other Spriest has both DI and four piece, and I myself have yet to get my four piece and am almost never with DI. However, I am almost always pulling way over or just a little under a thousand damage on each boss fight depending if I play my character right.. And RNG.. (Majordomo loves me, what can I say.) I guess all I can really say is I play my class well for how well geared I am. And I'm slightly more geared than you are, but not by much. (I would post my Armory, but for some reason, it's telling me it can't find my game license. I might be band.. Meh.)

    But when you do get your four piece, you will without a doubt see a huge damage increase.
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