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    Diablo 3 question

    I just got the beta last night and i am wondering this. This may sound very stupid but i just cant find this anywhere. I was mashing buttons on my keyboard to see if they did anything not listed in the controls info and when i press "G" my demon huntress throws down a flag or battle standard w/e you want to call it. What exactly does this do????? lol i seriously cannot figure it out. Thanks in advance!

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    That is the Battle Standard. Essentially it's a customisable thing which can be used to fast-travel to your allies and do all sorts of neat stuff. It'd be a good idea to keep up to date with this website: http://www.diablofans.com/ . You'll also want to read all the existing articles, get an idea of the game.

    Congrats on your beta invite and good luck!

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    You can put it in town and anyone that joins your game can port directly to you by clicking on your standard (and vice versa ofcourse).

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