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    Who is the most powerful being in WoW ?

    Im not familiar with the lore so i gotta ask

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    most powerfull being(S) are the titans and the old gods
    being: probably Sargeras the dark titan

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    In the entire existence that Azeroth is a part of? Sargeras or the Titans. Betting on Sargeras.

    In-game? No frikking clue, massive discussion may ensue.
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    Sargeras most probs, He's the ex champion of the Pantheon and the Leader of the Burning Legion, so yeah this fella

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    isnt there millions of threads already on this?
    anyway, in lore i think sargeras is the most powerful, but in game at the moment has got to be an old god hasnt it?

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    Neilyo to be sure

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    Uhhh the game and lore are different ?

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    Our dark master Sargeras. But we draw power from the negativity of the Old Gods too, so they too are of an unimaginable power. It's more of an ambivalent opinion on this, my opinion, that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy valmer View Post
    Uhhh the game and lore are different ?
    It's quite absurd for a group of adventurers to defeat Ragnaros, isn't it ?
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    Sargeras. The fact that the Pantheon didn't just go and destroy him after he went nuts suggests that he's powerful enough to give the entire Pantheon combined a run for their money which, of course, further suggests that he's stronger than any other single member. There's also the possibility of a "source of all the Old Gods" deal, but no such being is named or implied to exist as-is, so you can't really list that as the answer.

    In-game? Power levels go out the window, Thrall goes Super Saiyan 4 to defeat whatever drops the most loot. Then, nameless adventurers come in and defeat evil masterminds that, for some reason, are attacking the ones with the gigantic shields and not the ones wearing dresses while neglecting to use their amazing powers until a strict time limit has passed.

    I'll just say Saurfang.
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    That guy is boss.

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    In-game = hogger

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    I think its Gamon
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    Well Sargaras atm is unavailable...
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    Sargeras I think.

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    Maybe Sargeras with Gorribal
    whatever man

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    My Druid! lol. Prob Sargeras

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    Bobby Kotick. He can destroy and re-shape Azeroth pretty much at will.

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    WoW Devs


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