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    Healing Trinket for 4.3

    From the loot table, I don't see any healing trinket from any of the DS raid bosses being dropped. Is this an oversight? Will Shard of Woe and Jaws of Defeat remain BiS this expansion? I haven't bothered with the new 5mans so I may be mistaken feel free to a call me a noob if I am

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    Also, Shard of Woe is receiving a 50% nerf (yes even for Holy/Nature spells) in 4.3 so it will no longer be desired.
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    Any thoughts on whether or not Will of Unbinding will be at all viable for AA/Atonement Disc Priests? I don't think it'd be *too* unreasonable to get a Smite/Holy Fire off once every 10 seconds and that 990 Int will provide a huge throughput AND regen boost for us. Though, it does look like there are several fights with short, damage-intense phases that might not allow us to waste the cast time to maintain the buff stacks?

    Obviously, it's better for DPS casters, but I just wanted to see if I would be a *complete* jerk for taking it from my Mage friend.
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    It should be treated just like necromantic focus (or at least how we handled it) - casters get first priority, then the disc priest, then offspecs.
    Even though I feel it would be easy to get a holy fire/smite off every 10sec there's no way I'd take that thing over a mage/warlock/boomkin/ele/spriest - never (unless one of them beats me in fantasy football, then sure, I'd take it from them.)

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