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    Extra Credits - The Diablo III Marketplace

    Just thought I wanted to share this with you, guys.

    Discuss, comment, ... you know the drill.

    Enjoy the movie!

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    Poorly informed video that doesn't doesn't say anything that hasn't been said a million times.
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    Revolutionary my ass. Read up on Entropia Universe.

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    I don't think I enjoyed it like you said I would :[

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    I enjoyed it. Interresting thought. But again, I don't think it's gonna be that 'big' a deal, to be honest. I think alot of people will play their smarts on that auction house and someone will spend their weekly allowance getting new stuff. But overall, I don't think it's gonna be super big.
    Enough with bashing eachother, guys.. This community is still young and needs to grow up and show that not everyone are jerks. We're gamers and we enjoy games, don't bash eachother over what games they like or their oppinions, but don't let them bash others either. We need to come together and stand up, as a community, and help eachother out by being respectful and understanding. Please.

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    I think that the movie was over sensationalist and inaccurate, and liked making up numbers without any fact. Overall, sorry, but I just wasn't impressed. It seemed reasonabley well made and presented but I just don't agree with it, and I think if any sort of numbers are going to be used in any context... there needs to be some foundation or I just can't take it seriously. It's also a bit late to the game (assuming it was made recently)... I didn't hear anything new that hasn't been said for months.

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