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    [Holy Priest] What is YOUR PVE raid rotation?

    Disregarding all the guides on this, what is YOUR way of holy healing pve raids?
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    I guess it depends on the fight. If its something more single target, like H Shannox, I will maintain Renew on both tanks and use Greater Heal/HW: Serenity to refresh its duration. I utilize Body and Soul heavily in this fight, so my PW: Shield usage is much higher than any other fight. If a few players take damage from a spear, I hit them with a CoH.

    If the fight has a single target healing portion where mana doesn't matter, like Alysrazor, I will use Flash Healx2 -> Greater Heal on the tank I am healing to keep him topped off and to keep Renew going while in Serenity.

    If its a heavy AoE fight, like H Beth'tilac or H Rhyo, I will use Chakra: Sanctuary and stick with Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing. I don't rely on HW: Sanctuary a lot as I do raid 10 man and it is pretty "meh" at this point in time, but on H Beth I will most definitely use it as the boss gets below 50% on CD. More damage going out to heal. I save Divine Hymn for 10% on H Beth and DH to use for the first stomp after Rhyo transforms.

    Of course, if a Greater Heal/Flash Heal is needed on a target while I am in Sanctuary, I won't hesitate to use it. Gotta be flexible in 10 man.

    And don't forget to place your Lightwell where it will be used. Yell in vent if you need to get players to click it!

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    "Rotation" sounds very wrong. It's a priority based scheme, where mana is the major priority coefficient, and lives saved a distant second. Also somewhat impacting it is who you heal with and how their healing selection works.

    On trash, I am mostly spamming flash heal, pulling a serendipity-gheal or PoH when needed. It's the fastest way to go oom, but it's also the safest bet and prevents deaths aplenty. Drinking between trash pulls is the result, but that isn't a major issue.

    On bosses, it's a lot more complex. There's spot healing and there is raid healing. I'm mostly in spot healing mode these days since I'm running 10mans.


    For spot healing, Flash Heal is straight out due to mana concerns, and is only something you can use in emergencies. Greater Heal is the best spot heal around, but it too is not sustainable to spam nonstop through the fight. If the target isn't in the danger of dying, renew is also quite good, but knowing my players I don't easily trust them to not take an additional 100k random damage in the next 10 seconds, even if the tank are controlling everything. That's just how my guild plays. So I'm often left with GHeal here too. But renew should at least always be rolling on the tank.

    To last as a spothealing Holypriest, you either need to overgear the content, or fall back on cooldowns to relieve your manabar. Depending on the fight, I may have Serenity available. It is a truly excellent heal, but on a longish cooldown - but using this is incredibly important if you're to avoid drying out. Guardian Spirit is truly a gift from the heavens, but it's on a long cooldown. Divine Hymn is great if your mana bar is falling apart and you need to heal 2-3 players, but in 4.2 it's not exactly saving the day. I think of it as a timeout cooldown - you get 8 seconds of thinking time, and at the end of the cooldown, you're left with just the same (bad) situation as you started with. I've even started using lifegrip to get random squishies out of the action at times, but it's always tricky to guess who is in danger of dying and who is not. And a speedshield is great if someone is kiting. As for lightwell... it's great, but noone ever is using it. Ultimately, I'm left with relying on Prayer of Mending jumping the right ways and keeping people up, and Circle of Healing marginally halting the flow of despair. If these are hitting perfectly, great - but this isn't happening often. And as a result, I'm running oom.

    But people here are very eager to say I am just bad anyway, so I guess the manly way to spotheal is "spam Heal and don't worry about people dying left and right".

    As disc, it's a lot easier. Spam shield, Penance, ProM and GHeal until the fight is over. You don't really need anything else, even though you probably should use it if you want to perform optimally. Mana is never a concern as long as you don't overdo the shield button. And sometimes you get to do smite-healing fun.

    In 4.3, serenity is getting a smaller cooldown, and I believe this will be something I am going to abuse a lot. Sometime in January I should also be able to afford my first item upgrade, which may help on my mana situation.


    Raidhealing as Holy is actually very rewarding. I love seeing a metric ton of green numbers on my screen, and Holy really delivers through the truly excellent CoH/PoH/ProM combos. But Prayer of Healing isn't really something you get to use too much in a 10man (outside of stackup phases). Back when I was running 25mans, it was probably my main heal, and a lot more sustainable than GHeal spam - though I don't exactly understand why. I had mana concerns on many T11 25man fights, but it was ultimately a question of holding back a little. You can't really do that with spot healing.

    As disc, you don't have CoH, which is a huge minus. But disc PoH is incredibly strong, and you have the barrier to take you out of a bad spot. Holy is somewhat outclassed here too, at least as far as 4.2 content goes. In 4.3, the revamped Divine Hymn should even the playing field quite notably.
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    Basically my rule of thumb is to position my keyboard firmly on my desk, directly in front of me. After I have done this, I hotkey my spells to my keyboard. I then put on a green pair of "The Hulk" gloves on and proceed to pound my keyboard with them.

    Long story short...there is no rotation. I have a specific general method for each boss, but this can vary greatly on raid comp.

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    I could tell you which spell I'm using how often in an fight, but then I have to do it for every boss, because each boss is different, each raid is different. I depents on so much things. And I don't got a priority. For me it's more a feeling which spelll fits in which situation.

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    I, as others have also mentioned, don't have a "rotation" per-say, as I (mainly) react to what people do or do not do. Knowing the fight, you can think ahead about when to use certain abilities (in the case of Holy: Chakra; Sanctuary, Lightwell, Guardian Spirit) or to have pots/on-use CD's ready.

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    Lots of mending, circle, and poh. I never used sanc very much, but it really would shine in fights like domo, aly, and beth. Spot heal with renew (not much but leave it up on tanks), and greater heal (the tiny heal has gone unused the short bit of time I did run holy in fl). I was also in aoe chakra nine times out of ten.

    And don't forget to make them drink the well water! It's very healthy I hear ;D
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    I have the 359 spirit trinket from BWD, so before a pull I'll make sure I have 5 stacks of that buff up. I'll basically use heal to roll renew. I only use flash sparingly, and only if I know I might need to use GH soon. Ofcourse I PoM, PoH, and CoH as needed.

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    I think its pretty clear now that every class/spec in this game has a priority system, and not a rotation. If you need confirmation, a quick browse of EJ and the number of posts that start with "_____ spec doesn't have a rotation, it uses a priority system" will prove it.
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    I believe there is a thread on this exact thing somewhere here, but never call a healers priority list a rotation, bad juju there.

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    It's not even a proper priority list, since we can have multiple, equally important things going on at the same time.
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