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    Thumbs up MOP: new spells for all the classes?

    As the title implies, i opened this thread to post my own ideas about new spells that we'll have for each class in MoP. Everyone can contribute with their
    owns too!! Notice that i don't include monks as we dont know much about their gameplay. Also, i only imagine 3 new spells for each class.

    Pack charge; the hunter unleases all his/her 5 pets to attack the enemy for 30 seconds (5 min cd). Pets can only use basic attack, and the hunter won't be able to call to combat a pet for 20 seconds.

    Pet soul; the hunter and the pet share the same body for 20 sec (2 min cd). This teleports the hunter to the location of the pet and breaks crowd control effects on use. While they share the same body, damage incresed and pet attacks heal the pet and the hunter.

    Adrenaline shot; the hunter fires ammunition or arrows that makes the friendly target impervious to crowd control effects for 3 sec, while increasing their healing/damage by 20% for 15 sec. hunter receive half the bonus provided to target.

    Elements to me!; the shaman invokes a minor elemental that links with target. while link stays up, target receives a buff (u can kill the minor elemental to break link). Air elemental for elementalists makes enemy target receive a dot when the shaman attack with lightning bolt or chain lightning. Water elemental for healers makes friendly target heal a percentage of damage done to them. for enhancement shamans it would be a fiery earth elemental (like the ones in ragefire chasm) and it would make the shaman to deal a percentage of weapon damage as fire to enemies around enemy target, while ignoring 10% of target's armor. Link lasts for 1 min; 6 min cd

    Water is life; lasts 15 sec, 2 min cd. while inside the area, friendly targets heal for a percentage of dmage done.

    Ancestor's totem; the shaman places a totem as big as him that makes ghostly versions of the shaman appear and attack nearby enemies.

    Void ray; the warlock fires a beam of shadowflame. the beam damages nearby enemies, receiving a fire dot effect that can be applied 3 times.

    Fel intent; the warlock increases critical dmage done for some seconds. if this is applied to a friendly target, the buff is halved.

    Terrorfiend; the warlock invokes a fel version of himself. this copy will cast the same spells, but for 1/2 damage. invoking terrorfiend will make up to 10 enemies fear in place for 2 seconds.

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    I don't think you can apply the logic of the previous expansions to MoP. Some classes might only see one or two new spells, others might get 5, but only for one spec. Some might not even get anything new outside of talent abilities.

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